Return to work

Enabling back to work

Is your business unable to return to the office due to social distancing?

Or maybe you’re not able to move desks or computers because of where the electrical outlets are, or not having long enough cables

System Force IT can help

We can relocate:

  • Electrical outlets and floor boxes
  • Data and network cabling
  • Ligting
  • Audio and visual solutions
  • Wi-Fi hot spots

We also supply:

  • Desktop screens
  • Wall mounted hand sanitiser and supplies

network cabling

Get in touch today for a free consultation to discuss how System Force can help you get back to work safely by creating a socially distanced office layout by simply relocating data and power points, introducing enterprise grade Wi-Fi and protective desk screens.

Site surveys can be carried out by our engineers equipped with the necessary PPE equipment or via a video call.

When your looking for a smarter, safer way to get back to work, we offer a wide range of equipment provide a safer environment for staff and visitors with Thermal imaging cameras, density control solutions and digital signage.

Thermal Imaging CCTV Camera


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