Workstation Buyer's Guide

Push the limits of your productivity, creativity and innovation

Architects, product and software designers, financial traders, medical professionals, and engineers all need high performing, easy-to-use, dependable power to get the job done. Lenovo Workstations are designed from the ground up with customer-driven innovation, delivering the highest levels of performance, ease of use and industry-leading reliability. With the ingenious Lenovo ThinkStation modular design, making upgrades and customizations is effortless and supports a staggering number of possible configurations. The combination of our ground-breaking design with the latest Intel® Xeon® CPUs and NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs delivers the absolute best possible user experience to turn ideas into reality.

For Lenovo ThinkStation workstations, NVIDIA®’s Quadro® range of ISV certified graphics cards are the world’s #1 choice for professional users, delivering outstanding levels of performance and reliability, all backed by bleeding edge features and software tools.

Lenovo ThinkStation P920 - Get more done faster

ThinkStation P920

Outfitted with the latest generation scaleable Intel Xeon processors and supporting graphics technology from NVIDIA, the P920 tackles the biggest CAD, CAM, Media and Entertainment, Life Science R&D, and Energy challenges with ease.

Customize a Lenovo ThinkStation P920 for the performance you need, including the most I/O supporting up to 2x NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ 8000 GPUs. Superior design features of this top-of-the-line workhorse include Flex Trays that hold up to two drives per bay for total versatility and patented Tri-Channel Cooling for enhanced reliability. Thanks to our unique thermal management this keeps things cool on the inside and quiet on the outside.

Ideal for the highest-performance workflows including rendering, simulation, visualization, deep learning, and artificial intelligence across industries.

Lenovo ThinkStation P720 - Feature rich dual processor workstation

ThinkStation P720

Swappable PSU allows you to only pay for the performance you need.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P720 has more processing, graphics, and memory power for CAD and Digital Content professionals.

Power up a versatile next-generation workstation primed for mission-critical tasks. Customize a Lenovo ThinkStation P720 for the performance you need with the fastest memory and up to 12 drives using Flex Trays that hold up to two drives per bay.

Ideal for the most demanding workflows in engineering and architecture, media and entertainment, finance, and medical industries.

ThinkStation P520 – Usability, reliability, performance

ThinkStation P520

The most powerful single CPU workstation: a next-generation system that packs enough punch for any job and is reliable enough for mission-critical environments. Customize a Lenovo ThinkStation P520 for the power, performance, and usability you need, including the highest number of cores and incredible frequencies with the latest high-performing Intel Xeon W processors and professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P520 delivers peak performance for architects, designers, engineers, and creative professionals pushing the limits of 3D animation and visual effects. With super-fast memory, cutting-edge storage, dual M.2 support directly on the motherboard, ISV certification, and advanced cooling, it handles everything with ease from huge workloads to complex modelling to virtual reality.

ThinkStation P520c – Mainstream Workstation PC on a budget

ThinkStation P520c

Closing the gap in price and performance between entry-level and high-end workstations. The Lenovo ThinkStation P520c offers a higher CPU performance and memory capacity than any entry-level workstation on the market. Offering the latest high-performance Intel Xeon W processors, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics, and cutting-edge storage technologies in a compact tower workstation.

A next-generation mainstream workstation that’s powerful enough for any job and reliable enough for mission-critical environments. From handling large workloads to multitasking with ease, the Lenovo ThinkStation P520c takes everything in its stride. Energy-efficient and extremely reliable, it’s also ISV-certified, VR-ready and now comes with super-fast dual M.2 NVMe support directly on the motherboard.

ThinkStation P330 – Power of a Workstation, Price of a Desktop

ThinkStation P330

Mission-critical tasks require superior reliability and powerful performance. The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 leads on both counts and does it with exceptional all-around value. The new 18L workstation comes equipped with high-performance Intel Core™ and Xeon processors, the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional graphics, with VR Ready capability, cutting-edge storage technologies, including on-board M.2, and innovative Flex module support for easy customization.

Delivering superior reliability for users working on 2D and entry-level 3D workflows, the Lenovo ThinkStation P330 also offers a breakthrough, entry-level way to create and consume VR. The P330 brings a faster, more powerful system that supports features including ISV certifications, the fastest storage available on an entry-level workstation, and up to 64GB DDR4 memory.

ThinkStation P330 Tiny – The World’s Smallest Workstation

ThinkStation P330Tiny

The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tiny is the world’s smallest workstation. It’s simple, efficient design allows easy access for memory and storage upgrades packing big performance in a tiny 1L chassis.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tiny supports up to NVIDIA Quadro P1000 graphics, which combines a 640 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large on-board memory and advanced display technologies to deliver amazing performance for a range of professional workflows. The ThinkStation P330 Tiny is an ISV certified professional workstation with the latest 9th generation Intel Core processors. Other features include support for up to 6 independent displays, 64GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, and dual 1TB M.2 NVMe SSDs.

Lenovo focuses on power, performance, and industry-leading reliability in every ThinkStation and ThinkPad they design. By combining the absolute top-of-the-line components with groundbreaking designs, Lenovo are able to push systems harder and have the raw power necessary to handle the most demanding workloads. Absolutely key for a top performing workstation is the ability to keep its components cool. This is where Lenovo’s patented Tri-Channel cooling in their towers and FLEX Performance cooling in their notebooks comes to fruition. These revolutionary designs allow CPUs and GPUs to run at peak performance until the job is done while simultaneously keeping the components cool, which makes for a long lasting and reliable machine.

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