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3CX Hospitality Communications

A low cost and easy to manage Hotel PBX

Having effective communications in any customer focused industry is essential, especially hospitality. Whether you are running a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast, guests expect more from you than ever before. Better Wi-Fi and additional facilities that add value to your offering and provides unparalleled customer service. How guests view and review your service is of the utmost importance and having the right solution will ensure those all-important TripAdvisor reviews carry on coming in.

Communication expenses still remain the biggest expenditure for most hotels, despite customers using mobile phones more than ever before. The hotel PBX is still a critical component providing efficient communication to both customers, suppliers and staff.

3CX Hotel Phone System brings the software based, award winning 3CX PBX to the hospitality industry and is extremely cost effective when compared to traditional PBX’s, from its installation and setup through to the maintenance. Working on SIP Trunks rather than PSTN lines or ISDN further helps to keep the running costs low.

The cost to install a traditional PBX system can be very expensive as well as disruptive. However, a cloud based hosted 3CX PBX only requires the cost of setup, hosting and standard servicing (alternative SIP phones maybe required).

  • Cut costs by using SIP Trunks
  • Easily add and remove extensions – no per user license
  • Use existing hardware, wiring and low-cost open standards hardware

The 3CX Hotel PBX integrates with existing PMS (Property Management Systems) so that staff can perform most functions from within the Hotel Management Software. Some of the most popular PMS systems that the 3CX Hotel PBX works with are Protel, roomMaster and Micros-Fidelio.

  • Display guest name on reception, room service and management phones
  • Guest check-in / check-out
  • Wake up calls, Do Not Disturb
  • Maid status allows housekeeping to set room status via phone
  • Caller ID allows the front desk to provide a completely personalized service
  • Guest ability to make external calls with automatic billing
  • Individual guest voicemail

For larger multi-site locations, the 3CX Hotel PBX integrates the whole company into one directory, allowing internal transfer between locations. If the front desk at one hotel doesn’t have a vacancy, they can simply transfer the call to a sister hotel. All calls coming in get instant access to all locations with no hassle. The free smartphone app also allows all staff to take calls where ever they are.

The 3CX Hotel PBX is a simple and intuitive system which means less need for training within a busy hotel. Staff will soon become proficient using the system with the easy to use interfaces on the desk phones, free smartphone app and web portal.

Having a hosted PBX, not only does it reduce the costs of owning and maintaining an on-site PBX, but if disaster strikes, automatic system backups can reduce data loss and minimized downtime. As long as you have internet connection.

From B&B, small hotels to large hotels and resorts, a hosted 3CX Hotel PBX ensures guests get the best communication experience. Streamlining communication services optimizes staff productivity and while reduces operating costs.

The 3CX Hotel Module is built in to the 3CX Pro and 3CX Enterprise License.