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Another Microsoft Operating System Dies !

If you are still using Windows 7, then danger could be lurking in the depths of your I.T. systems…

Like most businesses, yours may well be almost totally dependent on those same I.T. systems:

 – Your teams are probably using one, or a combination of Client Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Marketing Automation software

– Your manufacturing, warehousing and distribution workforce almost certainly rely on some form of Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Applications and Products software

– Your Accounts team would be lost without their accounting, payment processing and treasury management applications.

 There’s no going back to the “good old days” of calculator, pen and paper, or even DOS-based stand-alone P.C.’s running Lotus 1,2,3.

 Most of the time your ubiquitous 10+ year old Windows 7 PC’s will do the job and work away happily without any complaint!

But, there’s a problem…

Microsoft decided it is time for them to stop supporting Windows 7 and thus providing security upgrades and patches.

So, from January 14th 2020, your P.C.’s running Windows 7 will no longer be supported, it’s a fact that has been published for a long while and now the deadline is rapidly approaching.

Continuing to use Windows 7 P.C.’s without patches and updates is risky.

Similarly, Windows 2008 for enterprise servers will stop being supported at the same time.

Not planning to upgrade is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your data security, because:

Even though your PC’s and Servers won’t stop working, there will no longer be any security updates from Microsoft to protect you from new bugs or malware, and other vendors will no longer support their software running on an outdated operating system.

Don’t put your teams, your data, or your GDPR compliance at risk!

You have a couple of options:

You can upgrade your existing Desktops/Laptops to Windows 10 if they are not too old and have sufficient resources. And, the beauty of cloud and server based apps (if you use them) is that you don’t need the very latest, high spec PC’s to connect to them.

Alternately, you can get completely new machines. New machines would mean the users have the best possible experience as these new machines will be much faster, far more dynamic, will work with Office 365 and keep your teams, data and GDPR compliance safe and moving forward.

Upgrading to Windows 10 and updating your Windows server might seem like major tasks, but it can be a relatively easy process, especially with our help! It’s much better to plan in advance instead of responding to a security breach, serious loss of data…

Or worse!

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