Managed Bonded ADSL – up to 136Mbps download and up to 80 Mbps upload

ADSL Internet bonding works in exactly the same way as ISDN channel bonding; the result is that you will receive your broadband connection up to eight times the maximum upload and download speed (If you bond eight lines). This solution is ideal for companies that need additional upstream or downstream bandwidth but cannot justify leased line costs or are unable to receive EFM service.

System Force IT is proud to announce the release of a unique solution to provide maximum ADSL bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of leased lines. Coupled with our bonded routers system force supply a managed service so you have all the support you ever need.

The process is simple, once the order is placed for the ADSL we will provide the ADSL feeds, bond the connection at network level and supply a pre configured* router ready for you to plug in.

There is more information available on our Bonded ADSL system on

* Please note that the routers are not configurable by the customer.


BT PSTN line rental is not included; you will need 1 x PSTN line for each ADSL channel.
Remember that you can buy your PSTN lines from System Force.

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