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Busting the Myths about Hosted VoIP


Are common myths about switching your business phone to hosted VoIP holding back your business?

Hosted VoIP is a telephony service provided through the internet, with your PBX hosted in the Cloud instead of on-site at your premises or through a traditional phone carrier. It delivers excellent results across all communication channels.

However, there are still myths about Hosted VoIP that discourages many business owners from making the switch, something that could be costing them money and lost business every month:

1 – If my old PBX is still working ok, isn’t it cheaper to stick with it until it dies?

The Truth – This is like insisting on using a horse and cart to transport heavy loads instead of switching to a truck because the “horse and cart work just fine”. As a matter of fact, your productivity will stagnate and your costs will remain high if your company stays with traditional telephony systems.

When you factor in PBX maintenance costs, increasing carrier fees and the cost of changes made during expansion or relocation, as well as being unable to exploit many new VoIP features that integrate with office productivity tools, you might be losing money with outdated systems.

Waiting for a forced change, such as discontinued or failing equipment, merging of your current telephony provider, can result in a rushed changeover and possibly costly downtime. By switching to Hosted VoIP, you can stay ahead of the game and remain competitive without hitting a bump in your day-to-day operations.

2- Isn’t VoIP a consumer solution?

The Truth – Early apoters of VoIP used services like Skype primarily for personal use and call quality varied widely. Today there are business class VoIP solutions specifically tailored for business usewith high quality IP phones and PBX features such as extension dialing, auto attendance, ring groups, conference calling and more. These solutions now deliver crystal clear audio anywhere in the world.

Integrating voice, video and data on a single, secure network keeps employees productive from wherever they work, without compromising security or quality of service.

3 – Why do we need a hosted VoIP Service? Can’t we just use our mobile phones?

The Truth – Mobile phones are invaluable as part of a unified communications system, but they still don’t do everything. And while many entrepreneurs start out using just a mobile phone, they soon realise that there are many reasons to include office phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and other devices as part of your overall internal communications strategy, and to tie them together using a hosted VoIP service. Think of good business VoIP providers as the “glue” that can unite all of these devices by essentially turning them into endpoints in a total communications solution wherever you want.

For a small business, a hosted VoIP system can help you manage clients by directing them to where they need to be; customizing the auto attendant, offering hold music, transferring and conference calling. Mobile integration is a great feature available on VoIP systems. Using a VoIP mobile app for the phone or desktop you can easily corodinate with collaborators, quickly access voicemails, and answer a customers enquiry, all form your mobile phone.

No matter how large or small your business is, a hosted VoIP system gives you the flexibility for more effective and reliable communications without the huge expense normally incurred by traditional phone systems. To take advantage of this latest technology or to find out how a hosted VoIP solution could help your business to save money call System Force on 0845 862 0066 or click here for more information.