System Force I.T.

Clean Slate Software

Protecting your computer network from malicious viruses and users can often be a troublesome task that could cost your business time and money. Our Clean Slate software is an ideal solution to this common problem, rolling back your PC to its original state and removing any threats and restoring lost files in one simple process. It can be installed within minutes and requires just one installation on a computer to work.

Clean Slate boasts several key features that help restore your computer to its original configuration. The first of these is a cache system that stores all of the infected files in a hidden folder on your computer. These files are deleted once the computer is rebooted, therefore restoring your PC to its original, virus free state. It also takes care of any critical Windows updates without the hassle of significant down time delays, ensuring your network is armed with the latest security protection. Clean Slate can also be configured to suit your specific needs, meaning the possibility of blocking specific programs or removable media is just a click away.

Our Central Control plan works alongside Clean Slate allowing an administrator to configure each individual computer in a network from just one screen, if installation is required on 10 or more PCs. There are a number of benefits to this method including the ability to sync updates, manage security as well as a significant reduction in time and support costs.

Purchasing protection software from System Force I.T could not be simpler. Visit our website for more information on our super flexible disc protection.