Omiga Technology Ltd. are a team of skilled Electronic, Mechanical and Software engineers. Experts in software, systems and design for clients in Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Petroleum, Defense and Telecoms industries.

The team hold between them over 30 years of experience in LabVIEW® Software Development, Machine Design and testing technologies for wide ranging industry applications. Omiga were awarded ISO9001 accredited by Lloyds Assurance in 2004 and have recently moved to larger premises to enable the team to work on larger projects and increase the efficiency of their hardware build.
We work with System Force on all aspects of our network, if we want a new program it is tested and checks are done to make sure this program is compatible and that there is sufficient network capacity to run. We see weekly preventative checks and the guys are always there should we ever need them.
During 2006 Omiga had outgrown the internal IT support that they currently had, it was time to find another way of providing the support and results that the team required. Adrian Short said “We spent ages looking for a company that were willing to work with us on every aspect of I.T.” Mr Short continued “We found a company called System Force I.T. and were immediately impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. They were more than willing to work with us both on our internal systems and specialized computer hardware for some of our customers”.
Recently Omiga supplied a “Multi-Pass Rheometer” Utilizing their years of experience with new digital Proportional Integral Derivative FPGA Technology & (PID) control systems, Adrian Short and the Omiga team worked with Cambridge University engineers to reengineer the world’s first Multi-Pass Rheometer.
Development of the MPR focused on improving three core areas: accuracy, flexibility and speed. Using LabVIEW® 8.6.1, engineers designed a digital control system that broadened the functionality of the machine and the capability of the analysis software. Piston control was redesigned to produce a smooth movement; with waveforms now generated to achieve piston velocity in excess of 200 mm/second, the resolution of results has been improved.
System Force Provided the computer hardware that was hand built for the specific scenario. The systems were on test for a few weeks to make sure that there was no hardware issues.
We rely on our internal network for storage and development, System Force are tasked with keeping our systems running 24/7 and providing any assistance needed by our engineers. Because of the knowledge of the engineers at System Force, we have a second server that is stored off site, and running 24/7; this server has a replica of all our data and systems, so that should our main offices become unavailable for some reason the whole company can access the work they have been doing from another site.
“System Force have integrated themselves into our team, and are considered part of the woodwork; they work very hard and produce staggering results for us and our clients – we would recommend them to any potential customer!”