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Coronavirus Phishing Email Scams

While most of us are either at home or on furlough, the criminals out there are hard at work trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic with a range of emails targeted on Coronavirus information or shopping for hand sanitizer and face masks.

These emails pretend to be from WHO – World Health Organisation or other health organisations offering information on the Coronavirus, asking you to login and make a payment to access the information. More advanced scams see bogus shopping sites offering items that are out of stock everywhere else, hand sanitisier, face masks, hand gel. They want you to click on their links, order and pay for items you will never receive, they are merely after your credit card details.

In recent weeks, a lot of bogus web sites have been setup in order to grab your personal information. Whether at work or home, security advice is always, never click on links you receive in an email, always type in a URL to your web browser if you know the genuine web site address. Web protection from browsers, anti-virus and anti-malware programs do a fairly good job of keeping you safe but they are not fool proof. Malicious sites are springing up daily.

If you want information or advice on COVID-19, go to official web sites such as the NHS or the Government.

To keep up to date on fraudulent emails and Malware outbreaks, please visit the System Force NOC Site