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COVID19 Interview With Jez Walton

COVID19 Interview With Jez Walton

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected our way of life and introduced a “new normal”. There has been a major health, social and economic impact on our lives and workplaces with its debilitating effects felt by governments, employment, institutions and employees alike. Most workplaces have faced the challenges of sudden shifts in supply chain, transportation and protection of employees from infection or losing their livelihoods. However, despite these challenges, businesses must forge ahead by adapting their workplace to overcome these challenges. This workplace transformation, as a result of COVID-19, is unprecedented and several measures have been undertaken to mitigate the impact of the pandemic at the workplace.

System Force sought to understand more about the impact of COVID-19 and how it has transformed the workplace from a business executive based in London who shared his thoughts with us. Below are the highlights of the interview on COVID-19 and the Covid safe workplace.


Let’s start off with the impact of COVID-19. How has it affected your workplace?

Wow! In our business, we had set very good business strategies and business management plans to deal with challenges that may affect our bottom line such as low demand and loss of technology. However, no business was prepared for COVID-19. This global pandemic resulted in lockdowns in most countries, reduced air travel, closure of business and redundancies for employees. Most businesses have been affected in almost similar ways. The major challenges that have afflicted our workplace are reduced cash flows, increased technology requirements, cyber security and lack of external financing options. This is a crisis that necessitates proper planning and management to safeguard ourselves against the long-term impacts of the coronavirus disease outbreak. Ultimately, we believe in our resilience and that with our enhanced planning and management, we shall emerge stronger. Thankfully, our continued professional relationship with System Force has been very integral to our business technology needs.


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It is no doubt that these are unprecedented times and we at System Force are happy to serve you. What are the ways that you had to adapt your workplace as a result of the pandemic?

Firstly, there were the guidelines issued by the government in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdowns had a major effect on the accessibility of the workplace by employees. This resulted in our business adopting a work from home policy, which required providing guidelines, communication channels and setting out expected performance targets. Our existing technology had to be reinforced to cater for seamless communication from our employees working from their different locations. Cyber security is an important facet in information technology to protect our critical I.T infrastructure and data from the hacking world; we are lucky to count on System Force for offering us full network and security management.

Secondly, we also had to adapt our workplace to ensure that the health and safety of our employees was prioritized for employees who may be required to access the workplace. These adaptions were inconvenient but necessary as our business has a moral responsibility to our employees and visitors.  Any employee or business visitor accessing the workplace had to wear a facemask and undergo body temperature screening at the entrance to the workplace. We had to print posters with information about COVID-19 such as social distancing and post them in all critical areas around the workplace. Hand washing stations were increased and hand sanitizers provided. Cleaning measures within the workplace were also reinforced and conducted regularly. These measures have had a significant strain on the financial position of the business as they all have a cost factor to implement.

Finally, since businesses really have had to adapt and take emergency measures to survive, what have been the main challenges in adapting to these measures for your workplace?

In managing a crisis, employee welfare is paramount for any business survival. We focused on retaining our employees and despite the cash flow constraints, we have managed to avoid termination of employees’ contracts by utilizing available government assistance and internal mechanisms. Working from home guidelines have also been agreed between the company and the employees to avert any work-related hiccups. Also, the seriousness of COVID-19 has been highlighted. We are also concerned with the physical and mental health of our employees by introducing an online and confidential IT system where employees can report any health issue. System Force has created a robust system that has been smooth running and effective in dealing and solving the issues raised by our employees.

Thank you for having me.

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System Force Information Technology support during COVID-19

At System Force, we are proud of our sustained endeavour to keep businesses running despite the pandemic. Information technology has been a key pillar for remote working ever since working from home was identified as a way of tackling the spread of the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented demand for remote support which will continue to grow long after the Coronavirus crisis has passed. We have reinforced our IT team to ensure they are not affected by the added pressure brought about by remote working. By working in shifts, our team of professional engineers are available 24/7 to expeditiously resolve our clients’ I.T challenges. We have focused on effective communication with our clients that has enabled us to quickly identify, understand and resolve tech issues effectively and efficiently.

We have enhanced our remote support system to ensure that we focus on all diverse users. We respond to clients via phone, web chat or remote-control sessions and also engage in end-user support. This has helped us reduce our response time to cater for the increased workload and keep business online.

The more we use I.T, the more the need for security management. System Force offers tailormade security tools, such as anti-malware and updated firewalls, to protect your I.T infrastructure from any external cyber security threats.

 System Force offers professional I.T consulting to help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their business goals and digital transformation. We are offering businesses I.T investment strategies and practices that can be adopted to improve business efficiency and improve remote customer interaction.

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