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DaaS – Desktop as a Service

DaaS – Desktop as a Service – Limited Offer

Working from home isn’t always the easiest option for a lot of people, we get that. Out of date hardware, lack of resources, complicated access to the company systems, missing important programs, lack of security and the all-important backup. Life is already complicated without the hassle of being an IT guru on top.

So to ease the burden we have a hosted desktop solution (Remote Desktop or DaaS) that takes the hassle away and give you the freedom to work on any device, from any location at any time safely and securely. A hosted desktop solution that can either connect directly to your server or hosted purely in the cloud.

What do you get with a hosted desktop:

  • Work remotely from any location in the world and from any device.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Built in security as all data is stored on a server/cloud server.
  • Fully backed up solution.
  • Includes the full range of Microsoft Office Apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.
  • Includes Anti-virus.
  • Any Windows based program can be loaded on to your hosted desktop.
  • Can be connected to a hosted 3CX VoIP platform.
  • Full technical telephone support (Mon-Fri 9-5:30pm) with optional 24/7 cover.

Regardless if your home machine runs Windows 7, 8, Vista or Mac OS, you can work securely on a fresh Windows 10 Platform with a remote desktop.

To help during these uncertain times, we are offering this solution on a 3 month rolling contract with no minimum number of users for £29+vat per month. For companies with a large number of users, please call 0330 0167 681 for a bespoke quote.

System Force It have the hosting capacity and technical experience to get you up and running in no time with the backup support to ensure you can keep working productively.

For more information call 0330 0167 681 or email