Expand your business presence with Hosted SBS (Small business server)
Communicating and coordinating with clients on regular basis is essential to maintain long lasting business relationships and to enhance the growth of your enterprise. Timely and easy access to all the information can facilitate easy attainment of business goals and Hosted SBS service is certainly the best and most comprehensive solution to meet all your business needs.

Keeping yourself updated with the latest advancements and changes in your business domain is crucial to provide your clients a unique and proactive service experience. Ease to access data and information from anywhere and at anytime is the prime facility offered by Hosted SBS service. At System Force we incorporate highly advanced hosted solutions to keep your records and data safe, while enhancing the productivity of your business. You can be assured of complete security of your crucial business data from any potential online threats as System Force securely manages all your information in highly discreet manner.

Today it is imperative for every business, no matter how big or small, to have a reliable email program to communicate with clients and offer them the best services on time and we strive to deliver only the best services to our clients to match their growing needs and business goals. If your business requires you to communicate with several contacts regularly, Hosted Exchange service offered by System Force is ideal for your business interests.

Our discreetly designed and professionally implemented Hosted SBS services enable you to present a highly credible and well organized image of your business in front of your clients.

With technology in the computer industry changing so quickly, servers and server systems are normally replaced every three years. It has been identified that your current server is approaching, or has passed, this three year threshold. This means the server has or will shortly have no manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty service is not available. 

This poses a significant risk, should the server fail we may not be able to provide parts or fix it quickly enough, to ensure the minimum level of disruption to your business.

At System Force we like to offer our customer the latest in technology and network design, taking into consideration the issues that customers face and the “issues of backups”.

We have developed a new network design called “Distributed SBS”.  This means is that instead of one massive server on your site, you have a smaller server that is controlled by another server located in our Datacentre.

This other server runs the majority of heavier services (like email) and keeps an offsite copy of all of your data. The data is synchronised on a nightly basis and eliminates the need for you to change backup tapes; we backup the data in our Datacentre every day to your exact requirements.

Because we have very large server systems in our Datacentre, it means that we can run your server for you and control your network rapidly and efficiently

Other benefits to our Distributed SBS System include:

 Email and Files          Currently, when your internet connection fails, you are unable to send or receive emails. With our system all it means is you use an alternative connection (phone tethering, 3G dongle, public Wi-Fi) and you can logon to the Outlook Web access, SharePoint, even use your files and continue without any interruption to your business.

Backup          Takes the responsibility from you to support your growing backup needs.

Disaster Recovery          (DR) – Should the worst happen (flood, fire or other disaster) and the on site server is destroyed, or unavailable, we can quickly set you up to work from anywhere with an internet connection with the minimum of downtime.

Security          Distributed SBS comes with a new managed firewall service, which provides the business owner with the ability to see what his/her staff are browsing on the internet. The system also creates a very secure tunnel to your section of our network. This allows the information you use and require to be replicated securely, offsite to us.

Remote access          Because the server that is hosted with us, is connected to our optical backbone to the internet it means when you connect into the system you are connecting to our Datacentre which allows you far faster connectivity that you would expect to receive at your premises.

Mobile Device support          Utilising Distributed SBS will allow you to integrate Windows Phone (Or other phones) into your system more effectively and not requiring Blackberry servers, saving on cost and time.

Information Organisation                        Streamline document access and control information sharing using a centralized data repository that can be accessed from any computer on the network.

The Following is a simplified visual representation of the Distributed SBS