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System Force I.T. Expo Exclusive Offer
FREE Corporate Phone System
for One Year

System Force I.T. Expo Exclusive Offer FREE Corporate Phone System for One Year

System Force I.T. Expo Exclusive Offer Free 3CX VoiP

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System Force I.T. is offering a FREE Corporate VoIP Phone System for One Year!*

Get a FREE 3CX VoIP phone system including all corporate benefits like unlimited users, mobile apps, web conferencing, live chat, Facebook business integration, and more features for one year, on us!

What is VoIP?


Voice over IP allows you to make low-cost telephone calls to anyone,anywhere; just by using the internet, all while eliminating the need for an outdated landline.

When compared to a traditional telephony line, VoIP not only adds advanced new functionality to businesses, but it also saves money for companies. 

BT, the UK’s largest ISP, has announced that it will shut down its public switched telephone network (PSTN) in 2025. 

This means that all traditional phone networking cables will be disconnected, prompting everyone to use the internet and VoIP. 

As more businesses and consumers switch to mobile and internet communications, VoIP provides them with more features than a traditional phone.

What is 3CX?


3CX is an multi-award winning VoIP system that works on many office phones, bringing a complete communications package to businesses around the world, whilst offering customers a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to call, video and live chat.

Using the cloud to host all of your phone calls, video calls, and other services can save a lot of money for businesses. Corporate companies can also use their existing office phone numbers as an auto-attendant or directory as 3CX allows employees to always be on the go, but be available to answer company calls.

Benefits of 3CX for your business


  • Cost-Effective – Businesses are saving up to 60% of their costs by adopting VoIP solutions like 3CX, cutting out the traditional telephone line.

  • MobilityEmployees can use any device, from smartphones to the web application, and access their office desk phone numbers on the go, by just being connected to the Internet.

  • Scalability – With unlimited extensions and as your business grows or changes, your 3CX phone system can change with it.

  • Seamless Customer Service – Enhance your customer service with features like call assist, voicemail, live chat on your website, automated CRM integration, call queues, call transfers, and a service report dashboard – which can be useful for staff training and monitoring.

  • Easy to Setup & Manage – 3CX can be installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, giving you complete controls over your phone system to make the changes you want, in your time, without needing additional assistance.

  • Advanced Features  Along with video calling and SMS, 3CX’s phone system benefits most businesses because it includes features such as call forwarding, auto-attendant, whiteboard interactions, file sending, instant messaging, receiving voice-mails via email, employee directory, customisable caller ID and much more!

  • Safety & Security – The VoIP system also allows full management of the software including global IP blacklisting, SRTP encryption, SSL connectivity and automatic detection of SIP attack tools.


  • Plus many more benefits…

System Force I.T. will host and transfer your existing phone system to 3CX for FREE.

This offer includes a FREE DEMO and introduction to 3CX, whilst also providing a FREE I.T. Audit to see how you can maximise using 3CX in your business.

* This offer excludes SIP trunks and telephone calls.

For a free demo and introduction to our expo exclusive offer, get in contact with us!

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