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Facebook Email Scams

Lately there have been an increase in scam emails purporting a Facebook Friend Request from somebody you don’t know.

Yes you guessed it, this is a scam. In a lot of cases it is a scam to phish personal information. But how do you tell for sure?

Well, all emails from facebook come from a facebook email address or, so check out the senders email address.

By hovering your mouse over the URLs or web page links, they should go to a URL and NOT something like which has nothing to do with facebook.

The details at the bottom of the email should list the address for facebook which is in Menlo Park, Calif. But what we have found is that is lists Department 415 at a PO box number.

If you are ever in doubt, go to the web page yourself through a browser rather than click on the email and check that way, don’t click on the email. If in doubt, delete it.

For more information on Facebook email scams, go to Secuity in the Help section on the Facebook web site at