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Fake updates, Spam Emails and Dropbox may bring CryptoWall


The CryptoWall Ransomware, a CryptoLocker competitor, is distributed by email as fake updates to popular applications such as Adobe Reader or Flash Player. It can also be delivered via links to Dropbox or pretend to be a Voicemail message.

Updates can also appear in a pop up window when you visit an unsafe web site or if you have a potentially unwanted program installed already on your computer.

More encryption-based ransomware variants are likely to appear in the wake of CryptoLocker due it’s success by people paying the ransom, even if they aren’t guaranteed to get their files back.

The CryptoWall Ransomware is largely distributed via spam emails, so vigilance is required when opening unknown emails.

If you are in doubt over an email or if you are worried your computer or network is infected, call the System Force Helpdesk on 0845 862 0077.