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Hikvision Handheld Thermography Camera

Anytime, Anywhere, Just One Click – Supports preliminary on-spot temperature screening without disturbing a person.

With the advent of COVID-19, organizations need to ensure the safety of it’s employees and visitors, the easiest way is to scan footfall coming into your premises for temperature variations.

The Hikvision handheld thermal camera is specially designed for body temperature measurement. It’s equipped with a 160×120 resolution thermal detector. It is capable of discovering and tracking people with elevated body temperatures in crowded public areas and can be widely used in places such as customs, airport, schools, and hospitals for inspection and quarantine. Key Features: 160 × 120 Resolution (Thermal), and 8 MP Resolution (Optical); Thermographic Accuracy up to ±0.9° F (±0.5° C); Display Fusion of Thermal View and Optical View: 640 × 480 Resolution 3.5” LCD Touch Display: Supports Live View on PC, Mobile Device, or External Monitor; Supports Audio Intercom; Supports Colour Highlight Alarm and Audio Alarm; IP54, Wi-Fi.

Hikvision handheld camera

Images and videos are visible on the DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W  Handheld Camera’s 3.5”, touchscreen LCD.

To aid social distancing, the Hikvision Handheld Thermography Camera can also be mounted on a tripod and as the Hikvision DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W also supports Wi-Fi, real-time viewing of footage can be done via a PC, smartphone, tablet or monitor. It also supports audio intercom.


  • 160 × 120 resolution (thermal), and 8 MP resolution (optical)
  • Thermographic accuracy up to ±0.5 °C
  • Display fusion of thermal view and optical view.
  • 640 × 480 resolution 3.5” LCD touch display
  • Support live view on PC, mobile device or external monitor
  • Support audio intercom
  • Support color highlight alarm and audio alarm

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