System Force I.T.

Hosted Exchange 2010 from SystemForce I.T

Hosted Exchange from SystemForce I.T provides the most cost effective and complete package for any business looking for a secure way to handle their communications services. The revolutionary collaborative software allows your business to access important emails, instant messaging services and more from any platform or web browser, affording you greater flexibility in your software deployment. It can also lower your messaging costs considerably whilst offering greater mobility and protection for your communication avenues.

Hosted Exchange acts like a universal inbox for you and your employees. This continuous flow of information increases the productivity and continuity of your business substantially. You will have the ability to communicate and collaborate with fellow users and prospective clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a fully customisable and regulated environment tailored to your specific needs. Leading businesses require access to calendars, contacts, attachments and emails for their employees wherever they may be and whatever device they may be using. Hosted Exchange from SystemForce I.T provides this in one manageable, versatile hosted solution.

SystemForce I.T have a wealth of experience in implementing, maintaining and monitoring servers and systems for leading business across the U.K. Our certified engineers will be on hand immediately if any problems occur and we will monitor your service on a daily basis as part of our elite level standards. Hosted Exchange 2010 from SystemForce is the ideal communications solution for any business.