VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is internet telephony. You use a dedicated broadband connection to make and receive calls instead of using the traditional wired connection. It delivers crystal clear call quality across all communication channels anywhere in the world.

The benefits include a rich set of business features, free office-to-office calls, the flexibility to grow without having to invest in an expensive phone system or telephone lines, savings on maintenance and running costs.

System Force IT’s Hosted Telephone System is a secure, feature rich managed system that is easy scaleable so as your business grows, so can you phone system. As no on-site equipment (with the exception of handsets) is needed, all support and maintenance is carried out off site by our skilled engineers 24/7.


  • Low setup cost – No expensive hardware to purchase
  • Free site-to-site calls
  • No expensive maintenance contracts
  • Reduced call costs – using a data connection reduces your line rental charges and free calls between sites.
  • Flexible growth capabilities – As your business grows, simply add more handsets.
  • Reliabilitiy – With System Force IT’s resilient data network you will benefit from 99.9% up time.
  • Disaster Recovery – If your office experiences problems, you can easily route calls to mobiles or another office without your clients knowing.

System Force IT’s VoIP Hosted Telephone System provides your business with a flexible, effective and reliable form of communication that can save you money and free your business from the restrains of an old analogue system. For more information call our sales team now on 0845 862 0066 and see how you can save with a new VoIP system.


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