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How 2020 has Changed the IT World

How 2020 has Changed the IT World

No matter where you reside in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming lives right and left. Whether it is health, job security, simply running daily errands to Information Technology, no aspect of one’s life has remained untouched by it. However, where other industries have slowed down in efforts to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, the IT industry is growing like a rapid wildfire to cater to the growing demands of a remote workforce that has now become a sudden necessity for most businesses.

This change has questioned the old ways of conducting businesses and innovative ways of doing it are now on a constant rise with no signs of looking back. According to recent surveys conducted by McKinsey & Company, digital adoptions have shifted to high gear at both industry and organizational levels and these adoptions are here for the good.

Let us look at various ways in which the world of IT has changed in 2020 and what companies like System Force are doing to help.

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Rapid Transitions to the Cloud

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies were already either transitioning to the cloud or were looking into it as a viable option. Some were also running hybrid operations and getting the best of both worlds. However, the rise of the pandemic witnessed a huge rise in sudden cloud-based transitions. According to another survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, most businesses had only shifted about 20% of their workloads to the cloud, whereas the 80% of the systems were still run on legacy on-prem hardware infrastructure. Due to the pandemic, companies who did not fully transition to the cloud felt restricted in offering secure work from home options to their employees and allocating the required resources to their workforce. The pandemic is truly forcing the companies who never invested in moving to the cloud to seriously consider it. Businesses are now scrambling to expedite their cloud adoption plans and are already seeing the benefits during the lockdown.

If you are looking for a reliable cloud adoption solution, then look no further. System Force specializes in providing a full suite of cloud services from design and building to implementation and maintenance. The company also offers 24/7 support and security for their client’s data assets. Their data centers are equipped with Intel-powered Dell PowerEdge servers that are monitoring around the clock by their well-trained engineers providing 99.8% up-time and support.

System Force provides cloud services in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Hosted Exchange and email
  • Microsoft 365
  • Private and Public Cloud
  • Hosted Desktops
  • Hosted Servers
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Cloud security

Increase in Security and Redundancy

covid-19 it world change gloucestershire

When the entire world halted certain activities in the grip of the pandemic in 2020, cyberattacks and hackers were still lurking everywhere. Now more than ever the threat actors are benefiting from the vulnerabilities of the remote workforce and security attacks like phishing and malware are on an all-time high. Thus, a need for security operations has seen the greatest shift since the pandemic started. Not having a full security team for overseeing the remote workforce, most companies have either paid the price by facing cyber attacks or are rectifying it by investing in innovative security-based options.

Along with security, the need for redundancy has also spiked. Having redundant technology solutions is a necessity for business continuity and to accommodate this ever-growing need, enterprises are investing heavily in network load balancing, standby systems, and backup options for their network deployments. Pre-pandemic, network redundancy was mostly employed in large-sized enterprises, but now with a growing home-based workforce, even small to medium-sized businesses are willing to invest in it to protect their assets and provide security to their employees. The increase in demand for these products is also increasing the competition in the IT industry, further driving down the prices and making it easier for smaller businesses to adopt security and redundancy features into their networks.

Also, it is important to note that certain security protocols have now changed due to the shifting work conditions. Most organizations need to review and rectify their incident response plans as they might be obsolete now. Due to the lack of visibility into the infrastructure, certain issues that could have been a small deal in the past can now easily pile up into bigger issues.

Fortunately, System Force provides well-rounded and inexpensive options that take into consideration the security needs of any organization along with reviewing and auditing their security protocols. If you are looking to implement effective security and business continuity plans, then investigating System Force’s offerings are worth a try.

A Growing Need for Stress Testing

Testing critical systems with daily stress tests are a part of any IT professional’s job. However, most companies until now have paid more attention to stress testing of daily business systems but VPN systems and remote access solutions were rarely on the list of those critical assets. Since remote access solutions were not used as regularly before, they were not classified as mission critical. However, like with anything else, the COVID-19 pandemic flipped the coin on this one also, making these systems more critical than ever due to the growing workforce demands.

Now network-wide stress testing is becoming commonplace and is a standard that most organizations are forced to follow to ensure business continuity. It is also becoming increasingly important to test out WAN-side services to ensure they can handle a complete traffic reversal that most businesses are forced to put up with.

System Force has all the networking components for businesses covered as well. They provide a full range of network-wide stress testing and maintenance services that can accommodate all types of devices, assets, and functionalities.

covid-19 it world change gloucestershire

Rising Demand for Server Hosting and Internet Access

Since the start of the pandemic, internet consumption has flared to a very high level and demand has skyrocketed for certain online products. Some companies and businesses that were not technologically advanced before are starting to create an online presence for their businesses. Due to this sudden surge in internet traffic, some businesses are getting affected by low Wi-Fi signals, latency during video calls and slow loading websites. Due to the amount of time people are spending at home, stay-at-home entertainment and streaming functionalities have also spiked significantly. However, several IT-based providers are relentlessly providing internet access and web hosting services to meet the growing demand.

System Force is committed to offering its services in this arena as well. It is not just an IT support company but also a leading ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the UK, providing internet access to customers across the country. Their options include Leased Lines for customers with high bandwidth requirements and great SLA turnarounds. Along with this, the company also offers ADSL, EFM, and FTTC to those customers who are not just ready to transition to a Leased Line. Their internet connection can also be customized per your needs and secure connections are at the forefront of their product offerings. Whether you need to access the internet for online banking services, shopping, or schoolwork, System Force provides you with high-speed internet wherever you live, no matter the size of your business.

When it comes to web hosting, System Force provides dedicated Windows and Linux servers to host your systems quickly and efficiently. Their servers are monitored 24/7, meaning your sites are 100% available, 100% of the time. The benefit of going with System Force is the fact that all the servers run McAfee Anti-Virus software and combined with state-of-the-art firewalls, provide the best protection for your web site.

System Force’s optimized network provides the following benefits:

  • Premium and personalized internet access services
  • Assured internet security
  • 24/7 support team
  • Uncongested network platform with scalable speeds

Extra Usage of Video Conferencing Technologies

The popularity of video conferencing tools has increased tenfold since the start of the pandemic. Recent surveys suggest that more and more people have started using video conferencing tools as a replacement for work and personal meetings. According to a report by App Annie, the demand for video conferencing apps has risen non-stop in recent weeks, with enterprise-focused mobile app downloads reaching in the higher millions.

 “As people face uncertain timelines for the length of social isolation, video conferencing apps have the potential to vastly influence our daily habits — breaking down geological barriers and fostering the ability to work and socialize relatively seamlessly,” said App Annie’s Lexi Sydow in her blog that reflected the app download numbers. 

System Force also provides a convenient 3cx Video conferencing tool that can fulfill all your video conferencing needs efficiently.

covid-19 it world change gloucestershire

A High Need for Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protection

The rapid shift to remote work culture is leaving organizations in a quandary for ensuring endpoint protection and proper configurations of their infrastructures. Then there is the issue of employees who are using their own devices for work purposes and there is no way to guarantee that they are taking the necessary security measures to protect the organizational data from malicious attacks.

System Force provides extremely reliable anti-virus and endpoint protection systems that ensure all remote access capabilities are tested and endpoints used by workers are patched and secured. By providing cutting-edge firewall and security options, the company guarantees a protected and secured network whether you are working on-prem or remotely.

Increase in Computer and Laptop Repair Services

Due to the increase in technology and computer usage during the pandemic, more people are looking for computer support and repair services. However, certain business models cannot afford computer repair services for their employees or are looking for affordable options due to the dwindling IT support that used to be available on-premises before the pandemic.

System Force comes to the rescue in this domain as well. They offer a full range of computer repair, upgrades, and services for desktop computers and laptops of all makes and models. Their qualified and experienced engineers are well versed in the various problems that may arise on your computer or laptop. The company’s prompt service ensures that your business, and work processes, do not suffer due to any issue on your desktop computer or laptop. As an Independent Computer Distributor, System Force can offer repair and service on an extensive range of makes and models of computer and network equipment. Since System Force is not tied to selling any one product; they can provide unbiased recommendations based upon your requirements.

Along with a reactive approach, System Force also provides a proactive approach for solving and troubleshooting all types of computer problems. Please note that System Force is Fujitsu Elite Partners, HP Partners, Dell Trade Partners, D-Link, Netgear, Seagate, Microsoft, and APC partners, as well as many more.

No Looking Back

The IT industry experienced the most remarkable changes during 2020 and the entire landscape of the IT world was shifted. Things are uncertain at this point, but one thing is for sure – the IT industry is and will keep changing profoundly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst this despair, the good news is that companies like System Force stand true to their pledge of helping clients in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer a full suite of IT services complete with web hosting, video conferencing, computer repair options to cybersecurity and endpoint security packages. Any business struggling to survive and get back on its feet can now do so easily in these trying times.

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