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How many sales are you losing because your business communications are not joined up?

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How many sales are you losing because your business communications are not joined up?

Gone are the days of salesmen standing by the fax machine or the phone waiting for enquiries to come in.

Now leads can come in from many different directions.

If, like many businesses you’re using pay per click (PPC) online advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to drive traffic to your website and generate leads…

you’ll know that it can be an effective way of generating new enquiries…

but the enquiry can come in by email, or text or phone call or chatbot or web site or maybe even letter…

but how long does it take for your sales team to get the lead and follow it up with a response…

and does that make any difference?

Turns out that taking 30 minutes to make a follow-up call reduces the odds of getting in contact successfully by 100 times when compared to calling within 5 minutes. This means that a 25-minute delay can be very costly.

So, it’s vital that your salespeople are connected to your network in real-time, wherever they happen to be when the enquiry or call comes in.

But your sales team move around all the time – from being at their desk to being out on the road, in customer meetings, networking, etc.

So your communications network needs to be configured to minimize the delay in the information, no matter what form it comes into your business,  getting through to them.

If your work phone is not connected to your mobile.

If your mobile phone is not connected to your email.

If your calls are going to voice mail instead of being routed to your mobile…

you are almost certainly losing enquiries…

which means that you are wasting the money you spend on advertising and your sales force is much less effective than they should be and you are losing sales.

Fortunately, network technology has also moved on, and the latest VOIP phones and virtual PBX’s, wi-fi routers, network servers, network management, and broadband can be set up to make calls and messages available more or less instantly when and where your sales team are.

But your infrastructure needs to be set up correctly with the latest superfast technologies to work seamlessly and offer a unified communication capability.

Want to make sure that your sales leads are not being lost in voice mail systems or missed calls or left to languish in your email server while your competitors steal your business?

Book a free “on-site” audit of your communications network and we’ll identify any gaps and join up the dots so that all your leads get through and you make contact with more opportunities.