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How our 3CX VoIP system can prove invaluable in backup and disaster recovery situations

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How our 3CX VoIP system can prove invaluable in backup and disaster recovery situations

How our 3CX VoIP system can prove invaluable in backup and disaster recovery situations

Following on from last weeks blog,

Here is the next in the series about backup and disaster recovery.

How our 3CX VoIP system can prove invaluable in backup and disaster recovery situations

The 3CX Telephone System is a server-based software Private Branch Exchange (PBX) which uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to carry voice signals. The 3CX VoIP System can run on a Windows or Linux Server, which can either be placed in your business premises or hosted in the cloud.


Key highlights of the 3CX VoIP phone system

3CX offers full Unified Communications – voice, video, voicemail by email, instant messaging and fax, using desk phones, smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. It is easy to install remotely from the cloud, at your business location. With total flexibility and ease of use, 3CX allows you receive calls even when you are out of the office, enabling you to optimise your productivity.

Another advantage of 3CX VoIP is that it does not require an administrator which makes it even more secure as a Private Branch Exchange. Instead, it uses web-browser based admin tools, which make phone system management easy and seamless. Communication via a VoIP service is much cheaper than conventional telephone services, which can deliver a huge reduction in business overheads. 3CX uses industry standard network infrastructure, removing the need for dedicated phone wiring and will allow users to ‘hot desk’ (where multiple workers can use a single physical work station at different times) simply by taking their phone handset or headset.

3CX VoIP system security

3CX VoIP phone system has built-in security that has been developed to exclusively protect your PBX system from internal and external attacks. It ensures that there any attacks are detected automatically and blacklisted to increase secure web server configuration. This security feature also encrypts all the voice traffic and automatically generates and manages Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.

3CX VoIP system backup and restore functionality

The 3CX VoIP system incorporates a very robust and easy to use backup and restore functions. This enables you to easily:

  • schedule regular backup sessions
  • switch between different hardware – i.e. during a server upgrade
  • upgrade the software as and when improved versions are released
  • configure a standby server in the event of a fault.

The information needed to a create backup regime with 3CX VoIP system are:

  • the storage location for the backup (which can be cloud based)
  • the time the backup will be done
  • what will be included in the backup, i.e. system configuration, voicemail, call recordings, etc.

Once a backup is created, the backup can be automatically be restored to another server, creating a standby system with a current configuration for a disaster recovery solution.

The commands for backup and restore are included within 3CX PBX on Windows and can be used to create scripts and schedule backup and restore operations. This is an important feature when you have 3CX hosted in the cloud, so that you can automatically and safely secure your PBX data.

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