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Taking Breaks for Concentration and Productivity at work.

How taking breaks can boost your Concentration and Productivity at work.

Essentially, taking a break means moving away from your normal work schedule for a short time before resuming back to your duties. Working hard is good, but working smart is better. If you try to work nonstop without taking a break, your productivity and quality of work output decreases. There is also the risk of accidents due to the reduced level of concentration. As much as taking a break is important, deciding when and how to take a break is of much more importance. A lot of research has been conducted on the importance of taking a break, the time it should take and the frequency of the breaks. Most researchers recommend a break of around 10 minutes after every one hour or less. From research, taking a break is a natural memory booster since it helps in refreshing your brain and improves your memory and concentration. For it to be effective, taking a break requires discipline and proper planning.

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Why is taking a break important?

Breaks improve your concentration and focus. Your cognitive functioning improves after taking a break. The power of taking strategic breaks helps in refreshing your mind which helps your brain to refocus and reinvigorates your activity.

Breaks reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Breaks increases your alertness and an alert person is better placed to spot and eliminate any potential workplace hazards before they result in accidents.

Taking a break is helpful in reducing your stress levels. Taking a walk or stretching will relax your body and free your mind from your work. The break stops the accumulation of stressful situations on your mind and effectively reduces the chances of the stress levels going up.

Breaks improve your decisiveness. The quality of your decisions can be affected by extra-long work schedules that can result in delayed decision making or wrong decisions due to the impact of the activity on your mind.

Breaks help in boosting creativity. Strategic breaks can help you to get new ideas on how to solve a problem or new ways of doing an activity. A break helps in rebooting your mind and this results in creative and ideas which can help you in being more efficient and effective in your task.

Taking effective and productive breaks

An effective break should be purposeful and result in an overall boost in concentration and work output productivity. Therefore, it is essential to establish the most impactful ways of taking a break. Here are five effective ways of boosting your concentration by taking a break from your normal work schedule:

Step outside for a walk. The outside air has a freshness feel about it. Taking a walk outside of the workplace works wonders after a long session in the office. You get to enjoy the warm sunshine and your eyes are exposed to a different view from the office. The mind gets a chance to wander away without having to solve any boggling challenges and just internalizes what the eyes see, what the skin feels, what the nose breathes and what the ears hear. Once you are back in the office, you are ready with renewed energy levels.

Stretch out exercises. What most people know and appreciate is the importance of exercising on our bodies. What has not been emphasized more is the impact of stretching and exercising on our minds. Working out has been proven to reduce anxiety, reduce stress levels and improve concentration. Blood flow to the entire body including the brain improves from exercises and this results in an immediate energy boost which is required to boost our concentration.

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Meditation. This is a tried and tested way of improving brain functioning and through research, it has been shown to help prevent and reverse mental decline related to aging. It is particularly useful in increasing your ability to focus and improving your memory. Meditation can be conducted through a trained expert or individually depending on your interest or availability of an expert. Meditation increases your alertness and focus by simply focusing on your breathing.

Listening to music. Good music has a natural way of calming a person down. A calm person has better productivity since their concentration is not hindered by external thoughts. Music reduces stress levels since it works on your emotions and reduces anxiety. The net effect is a more relaxed person who is in control of their emotions and with improved brain focus concentration levels are heightened.

Decluttering your workspace. Research has established that a cluttered workspace is mentally draining and reduces the brain power. This is an excellent way of relaxing your mind and also recharging your energy levels. A tidied-up workplace has a physiological boost of putting things in order mentally. This lines up your mental activities and helps in repurposing your goals and sharpening your focus. With renewed positive energy, your concentration and work productivity increases.

Ultimately, it is important to understand your body and mind for the best results. This helps in establishing what works best for you and what type of break gives you the best concentration and motivation. These five ideas on taking a break have been researched for effectiveness and when you effectively implement as many as you can, you will feel more vibrant and have better motivation to deliver and be more productive. Make breaks a priority and you will realize that your work-life balance will be easier as you become more productive in all facets of your work and private life.