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How VoIP Helps Improve Customer Experience


Voice Over IP helps boost and improve sales and the customer experience...
Voice Over IP helps boost and improve sales and the customer experience…

Customer experience is a make or break with businesses.

According to Microsoft’s research ‘61% of customers have stopped doing business due to poor customer service.’

How does customer experience define my business?


Giving a customer a positive experience with your company makes them want to do business with you again, increasing the chances of being loyal. It’s important to maintain positive customer experiences because they’re what makes customers remember your company.

How does VoIP come into this?


Businesses can use VoIP to communicate with their consumers in a variety of ways to tailor their needs. Using VoIP services, you can ensure that an agent is always accessible to answer a customer call, be redirected to the right agent, and provide your customers with multiple communication options.



You will never miss a call from a customer using VoIP services. The benefit of VoIP is, it’s hosted in the cloud, meaning your organisation will experience no downtime. If an agent is on the phone, VoIP connects the customer to the next available person who can receive the call, ensuring no delays and fast contact.

Since many organisations operate remotely and use their smartphones or PCs to answer calls, having your VoIP service available on all platforms is crucial to efficiently answering calls for your clients. Outbound VoIP calls enable for the display of an office number on a smartphone and/or the routing of calls to an agent’s smartphone.

Auto-Attendant and Staff directory


Cutting out the receptionist and giving your customers a variety of choice for which department they want to be directed to right away is critical. Customers do not want to be misdirected or have to wait on hold for another person to accept their call; instead, they want a quick, smooth, and efficient experience.

Staff directory is another feature of VoIP. It lets clients to speak directly with a member of staff rather than having the hotline attempt to connect them to another agent. This is extremely handy if clients want a direct route to a member of staff who has previously dealt with their difficulties and has received excellent customer service from them.

Improve customer approach


Knowing where to improve the customer experience is key, as it can reveal where sales are being lost. Many VoIP services include a full dashboard that shows how effective your customer service staff is.

This could involve the following:

  • The number of calls that were answered
  • The number of people who hung up on the phone
  • Time it takes for an agent to respond on average
  • The call’s duration

These types of analytics support in improving and assessing the company’s performance, as well as determining how many calls the business receives. Another benefit of VoIP for companies is the ability to record calls for later playback.

Recordings can be used to teach new agents, to learn from a dialogue example. It can all be analysed by employees to see how they can give better service to customers.

Providing various communication channels


Customers are less inclined to call if they have a quick inquiry, but they also do not want to e-mail since they expect a quick response. They prefer fast methods of contact, like live chats or messaging services that give them their answer within minutes. This is why many customers use Twitter to communicate with their favourite businesses.

Customers can use their favourite method of contact, whether it’s the phone, e-mail, live chat, or texting, with VoIP. With VoIP, everything is in one place, and profiles are easily accessible, especially when a customer is waiting to speak with an agent.

This enables businesses to rapidly and effectively resolve a customer’s issue.



Ultimately, VoIP can be extremely beneficial to organisations who wish to give a quick and efficient customer service experience. It offers a variety of tools that employees can use to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the service they’ve received.


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