IP VPN Systems

System Force’s IP VPN (or PWAN)

solutions create secure connections between multiple sites and remote workers and often use differing access technologies, for example a high speed 100Mbps or 1Gbps Ethernet circuit at a customer’s head office and leased line connection speeds of 2Mbps to 10Mbps at regional offices, with smaller sites using broadband variants as their main connection.

Our national network and diverse service portfolio provides the perfect platform for delivering highly effective private networks. In addition to the inherent resiliency within our MPLS core, further resiliency is added to Ethernet connections as standard using ADSL as a backup connection, with an on-site  router providing automatic change-over in the event of a main access failure. Additional Ethernet circuits from separate System Force carriers can be used to provide backup to key sites where critical. Dual IPVPN and dual firewall resiliency options are also available.

Our solutions deliver further flexibility including centralised Internet access with firewall-to-firewall VPN tunnelling between users; QoS for voice traffic delivery and prioritisation by traffic type such as video.

We place great importance on securing all elements of the IP VPN service, both technical and physical. Our and partner’s 38 MPLS nodes are in highly secure locations – our own data centres, BT exchanges or other data centres, all of which have high levels of physical security. System Force’s main site is protected 24/7 both by physical guard and a controlled access system and extensive internal monitoring using IP CCTV. Access to the main building area is controlled by an electronic access system. Once inside, entry to any of System Force’s data centres is controlled by a further independent system.

All System Force IP VPN solutions are tailor made to meet each customer’s specific requirements, with our experienced engineers and consultants available to help you design, cost and implement a complete connectivity solution, both managed and unmanaged.

A dedicated and reliable network system is the foremost need of any company to emerge successfully in the highly competitive business world today. Uninterrupted communication and sharing of vital information is essential for smooth functioning of your business processes. At System Force we provide our clients a private network to serve their business needs in the highly efficient and advanced manner. We offer private WAN systems, a reliable and secure network connection that is indispensable for your business operations.

Irrespective of the size and type of your business you can be sure that our Private WAN system can enhance your productivity and efficiency, along with business profits. You can communicate, share information and data with your clients and associates in a better way, irrespective of distance. Private WAN systems connect offices and enterprises located in different parts of the world to ease the process of communication. Discreet management and unmatched security ensures complete protection of your data and information from any disaster.

Every business has different requirements and at System Force we give personalized attention to your business requirements to present solutions that match your needs. Customer service is paramount for us and our team of professional engineers and technicians. Our extensive list of services is exclusively formulated to ensure great connectivity, enabling you to carry on your business functions in an uninterrupted way. High speed and better connectivity are the prime features that we incorporate in our Private WAN services and which enable us to offer you services beyond your expectations.

Let System Force alter the prospects of your business communications with Private WAN systems.


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