System Force I.T.

Kerio Firewall

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is a corporate gateway firewall that provides an extensive network security and management solution for your business. It has a number of key features that make it ideally suited to those who need to implement strict security policies, and require meticulous traffic reporting and analysis. Kerio provides protection against external viruses and threats while offering unrivalled security, versatility and user management.

Purchasing Kerio from System Force I.T is the cost effective choice for any business. We have the experience of running Kerio on a vast array of sites and our highly trained engineers will ensure that you receive an elite level of service. Once installed you will be able to tailor the software to each individual user, setting up appropriate network and web authentications for them therefore giving you complete management control.

Once online Kerio provides comprehensive content security. Networks and users are protected from spyware and viruses while numerous filter options will block file types and pop ups allowing for greater confidence when surfing the internet. Anti virus protection filters infected files from the constant stream of traffic and leading anti-virus engines are readily available to use at any time. Kerio’s one click VPN service ensures high speed, secure access at all times and its Bandwidth control can prioritise bandwidth for critical applications and help eliminate network down times therefore increasing the continuity and productivity of your business. To take a closer look at the benefits of Kerio provided by System Force visit our site.