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Its a true fact that every day we are hearing the negative side of Brexit and even through the economy and business members are all staying positive, there is that small feeling of uncertainly, mainly created by the media and news teams.
Over the last few months we have been slowly building our on line e-commerce store clickandkeyboard, designed to help generate other business for us whilst saving both our clients and future clients.

The idea is that by getting our clients to purchase their stationary from us (At competitive rates), it means with rising costs we are less likely to have to put up the costs of our other services. System Force in the 10 or so years they have been working have not had to put up their prices at all. logo

So far we have had many clients move to clickandkeyboard, where they are saving money, so its a bit of a double bonus, by purchasing your stationary, office equipment, toners / ink, Coffee Tea etc from you are saving money and helping prevent any contract increases (Due to operating costs). – By the way we are not saying we are going to put our prices up, we are just trying to get our clients to use our e-commerce site even more to help them save !