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One for the kids during lockdown

All of our posts so far have been about how we can help you with your IT issues during lockdown. This is one for your kids – It’s also a reminder that we IT boffins are living, breathing, human beings and face the same challenges as you, not next gen super computers as some of you may think!

The following are all suggestions from our staff members who are suffering the same issues as you:

BBC Bitesize

Working from home can be awkward as we’ve highlighted in previous blog posts, but what happens when you then become responsible for your children’s education too!?

This is where BBC Bitesize might come in handy, since lockdown they have made some changes to their website to assist and promote learning from home. The content covers Children from age 3, right through to 16+ meaning there is something that will allow any child to continue to learn whilst schools are closed!

BBC Bitesize

PE – Exercise for all

It’s easy to feel cooped up during this lockdown period, it’s made even harder if you have kids who are used to being active. We’ve found that Joe Wicks has provided the perfect outlet for this. Joe has homes across the nation doing his 9am PE lessons on YouTube. They are for children and adults, so mum and dad, no excuses!

The Body Coach


We’ve all tried to do it with no instructions before, or maybe the paper was just screwed into a ball and thrown in (let’s be honest only 2 in 10 made it) the bin as you pretend to be the next NBA sensation. Well, it is much easier with some simple guides! If you have inquisitive children (or partner) who likes being creative, this is a good way to stay occupied.



Perhaps a forgotten skill for the latest generations! A life skill and maybe some help for mum and dad in the kitchen. Cooking can be great fun and also provide a great environment for spending time with your children whilst remaining in the house.

Taste of home has helpful articles as well as hundreds of recipes you can follow

Taste of home

We hope that you and your families are all well and have everything you need in place IT wise, if not, or you require IT support, please do not hesitate to contact us.