System Force I.T.

Online Backup VS Traditional Backups

System Force I.T offers both online and offline monitoring of normal tape or disk based back ups as part of our exclusive Data cloud service. This enables you to back up your valuable files and documents in case of hard drive and system failures.

Online and traditional drive based backups both have their advantages, though the modern pace of technology and the versatility of the internet often provide an increased usability and service compared to external hard disk or USB Flash drive based operations.

Traditional back ups can prove to be more effective when a huge database back up is required, although the weight of the argument in favour of remote backups is ever increasing. We believe our online service provides greater continuity and is a more innovative system, as we are able to transfer your files using a high speed LAN infrastructure to our highly secure servers located at our state of the art data centre, with minimal fuss and costs.

The traditional way of backing up is not as cost effective, can be more difficult to maintain and requires a transfer from one location to another before it can be considered a fully protected back up operation. The ability to collect, encrypt and transfer data from your computer to our servers via the internet is a distinct advantage over traditional methods that do not allow files to be backed up as they change.