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Ransomware – We’re here to help

Ransomware has been a pervasive and dangerous threat to the business community for over five years. Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s another story about a new ransomware attack. And then, on Friday, May 12, the big one hit: WanaCrypt0r infected tens of thousands of endpoints in 150 countries, resulting in the largest ransomware outbreak in history. Unfortunately, this trend in cybercrime is not going away.

Companies are at risk if:

  • Using legacy software
  • Internet browsers/Operating systems are unpatched
  • Operating on outdated equipment
  • No legitimate backup plan in place
  • No comprehensive cybersecurity strategy

Now here’s the bright side: As dangerous as ransomware can be, it’s avoidable. So, what can you do to protect your business from this ubiquitous threat?

Proactive prevention

  1. Patch your system – Keep browsers, operating systems and other software applications up to date.
  2. Educate users – One of the most common ways that computers are infected with ransomware is through social engineering. Educate users on how to detect phishing campaigns, suspicious web sites and other scams
  3. Back Up Files – Make secure copies of your data on a regular basis and store them offsite.
  • Be sure backup files are not stored on a mapped drive.
  • If backing up to a USB device, be sure the devices are physically disconnected from the computer.

4. Invest in layered security – Installing multiple layers of cybersecurity protection can detect and block ransomware attacks before they happen.

What can you do if you’re infected or believe you may have inadvertently clicked on something you shouldn’t?

First and foremost, turn of the machine(s). Then give us a call. If you run regular backups, all hope is not lost. We can scan your machine(s) and network to clean any traces of ransomware or malware. If your backups are clean, we can restore them to your computers.

For more information on Proactive Prevention, call us now on 0845 8620066.