System Force I.T.

Secure Hosted Small Business Servers

SystemForce I.T understands that all of our customers have different needs and expectations.  Our Secure hosted Small Business Servers caters for Small and Medium sized Businesses’ that need the productivity and continuity of our elite level service without the hardware costs.

Customers who require our Secure Hosted Small Business Servers will have a Windows 2008 Small Business Server hosted by SystemForce, in addition to other remote desktop computers so that the data and systems can be accessed anywhere in the world. This will afford you greater flexibility in sharing vital information with your workforce as well as important customers and clients. The Windows Small Business Server includes features often used by larger companies such as remote access, backups and system restore. This allows you to re-purpose your IT infrastructure to a higher standard, reducing the occurrence of faults often associated with conventional server models and downtime delays that could cost your business significant time and money. You are not tied into long-term contracts that can threaten the day-to-day running of a small business aiming to move forward and expand. Windows 2008 Small Business Server is charged on a monthly subscription basis. Our certified engineers will also ensure that the infrastructure is maintained to the highest possible standards day in, day out.

You can rely on SystemForce I.T to deal with any potential problems with our preventative and reactive support system, completing an all round package that is both unrivalled and cost effective for any small business.