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Smartcode VNC Viewer Updated version

By In Uncategorized On August 13, 2010

With SmartCode VNC Manager you can access and control computers from anywhere

 SmartCode VNC Manager is a powerful remote administration and monitoring software application. It is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration and in helpdesk environments.

  • Integrated VNC viewer with SSH tunneling, SecureVNC, MSRC4 DSM plug-ins, UltraVNC Repeater, SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies support.
  • Integrated RDP client with SSH tunneling support.
  • Integrated Citrix ICA client support.
  • Integrated Hyper-V virtual machine client (vmconnect.exe replacement).
  • Integrated Virtual Machine Remote Control Client with SSH tunneling support.
  • Integrated SSH client.
  • Integrated Telnet client.
  • Integrated Web browser.
  • RAdmin client.
Computer Management
VNC Management
  • The latest RealVNC, UltraVNC and TightVNC distributions are fully supported. Our built-in VNC viewer includes support for: UltraVNC/TightVNC file-transfers, UltraVNC Chat, UltraVNC Repeater, UltraVNC NTLM authentication, Select Single Window, SecureVNC and MSRC4 DSM plug-ins.
  • VNC Deployment Wizard allows remote installation and un-installation of UltraVNC (32 and 64 bit), TightVNC and RealVNC based servers.
  • Reset VNC Server Password Wizard allows you to reset passwords simultaneously on all remote VNC servers.
  • VNC Thumbnail View allows multiple computers to be monitored on-screen at the same time.
  • Start, stop or restart remote VNC server.
  • Detect Installed VNC Distribution feature allows you to scan a remote computer for installed VNC distributions.
  • Capture and save screenshots allows you capture remote VNC server screens. Also, in the Thumbnails View, a user can take screenshots at user specified time intervals.
  • Screen stretching allows you stretch the remote screen image to fit the viewer window.
Microsoft Hyper-V Server Management
Terminal Server (RDP) Management
  • Terminal Server Manager. Allows you configure remote Terminal Server settings. The functionality of this feature is very similar to the Administrative ToolsTerminal Services Configuration tool in Windows Server 2003.
  • Scan for online Terminal (RDP) servers.
SSH Server Management
  • Scan for online SSH servers.
Microsoft Virtual Server Management
Other Features
  • Customizable “External tools” allow you to easily launch other applications while working within the VNC Manager. You can specify arguments and a working directory when launching the tool.
  • Customizable “Action scripts” allow you to perform some action before a connection to VNC, RDP or Microsoft Virtual servers is established or when you disconnect from the server. For instance, you can establish a VPN connection using a VBscript based file.
  • Launch a Computer Management snap-in.
  • Create “quick shortcuts” to open remote computer’s shares in Windows Explorer.
  • Active Directory integration features. Browse and connect to AD computers. Fetch the computer’s associated contact details.
  • Integrated Windows domain and workgroup computer browser with the ability to browse computer shares, open a Computer Manager snap-in and Windows Explorer.
  • Default session settings allow you to set default global or per group settings for newly registered computers.
  • Active sessions can be viewed in separate windows or in Tab view panels.
  • Backup Manager. Backs up and restores the VNC Manager configuration files.

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