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Social Distancing | Density Control Solution

With social distancing a requirement for businesses in the current climate, whether a supermarket, post office, doctors or retail outlet it’s imperative that the number of people allowed inside is regulated. While having a staff member stand at the door in close proximity is the quickest solution, Hikvision’s Density Control Solution is a fully automated contact-less system that provides clear signage and helps to maintain social distancing by avoiding overcrowding.

Hikvision’s Density Control Solution is designed to be simple to use can be easily and rapidly deployed using people counting cameras, a Digital Signage Display or monitor and produces real time alerts to ensure pre-defined capacity thresholds are never exceeded. The solutions is adaptable from a single door option through to managing up to 256 points of entry.

At all access points, a monitor or digital signage displays dynamic data providing those that are waiting with details of how many people are already inside and how many can enter. If the threshold is exceeded, an alert is created and audio and visual alerts are triggered.

Multiple doors

The Density Control Solution can be expanded to incorporate the Thermal Imaging Cameras which measure skin temperature and can also be configured for face mask detection, helping to safeguard both customers and staff. By using Hikvision Digital Signage, adverts or information message such as reminders of social distancing can also be displayed.

Hikvision Multiple doors

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