System Force I.T.

StoreGrid Online BackUp System

There are fewer more important decisions than deciding on whom you can trust to offer you a competent back up system for your thriving business. With so many deals out there it can difficult to decide who offers the best service.

StoreGrid from SystemForce I.T is the most advanced and detailed online back up system available. We pride ourselves on being the most secure, safe and meticulously monitored service thanks to our pioneering data centre. You can guarantee that SystemForce I.T will be able to tell you where and how your data is stored. Unlike other online systems, we monitor all of our customer’s backups 24 hours a day, seven days a week, keeping them informed every step of the way through progress reports.

The technology behind our StoreGrid back up system is what sets it apart from the rest. Your data is encrypted and replicated to our data centre providing geographically dispersed back up and disaster recovery. This offers the most complete backup solution for any leading company who wish to increase the continuity of their business. We can guarantee 100% secure data storage with full redundancy. SystemForce I.T are able to access the data at unrivalled LAN speeds and if there are any problems our engineering support and maintenance network work round the clock to ensure our elite levels of service are sustained. StoreGrid from SystemForce I.T is the complete solution for all of your online back up requirements.