System Force I.T.

System Force I.T. Team and The Great Gloucestershire Raft Race

On Saturday the 3rd July, some of the team from IT Maintenance company System Force I.T. entered a self built raft in the the Great Gloucester Raft race. The team was entered for a couple of reasons, the main was to raise funds for the Western Air Ambulance, and the other main reason was it sounded like allot of fun.

Jez Brought the team together, of Ross Butler, Lee Williams and Andy Oldham. Who together built a raft mainly made out of barrels borrowed from local chemical supplier Autosmart (ABC Chemicals). The idea was to build a raft utilising as much recycled parts minimising any parts bought new.

Last year the race raised 4K in funds, however we have much higher hopes for it as The System Force I.T. Team have raised about 2K. A big thank you to all of our customers and suppliers for sponsoring us. We are going to do it again if its on next year, and we promise we will kick butt !!!!

We did not do that badley, I belive our time was 8:37 and we were the only four man team up agaist a six and eight man team. There were other four mans teams but not on home made rafts. They all came in over 10 minutes ! So we think we did well and it was a great laugh !!!!

Our thanks to Graham Lusty for the photos, and the wife’s and friends of the team for a Great Picnic !!!!