System Force I.T.

SystemForce Temporary Vservers

SystemForce offer temporary Vservers for customers who need a virtual server for a project. If you want to test software, a new system or if you may need a remote domain controller / GC to aid in DR then SystemForce temporary Vservers offer you complete flexibility and management at an exceptionally low cost.

The hugely popular Virtual server, which can be Microsoft, OSX or Linux based, is hosted on our 100MB system. You can supply the appropriate software to us or we can purchase it for you. We will then load and set up the server and you will get full access to do whatever you require without restrictions.

Our servers can be implemented into your SystemForce.IT network and can be accessed over Private ADSL, Fibre Optic, VPN and Wireless among others. The virtual servers are available at short notice and are hosted in a secure controlled environment without a large capital expenditure outlay and expensive hardware maintenance contracts. SystemForce servers increase your business continuity and disaster recovery, reduce server sprawl and improve IT manageability.

Our Managed Colocation Hosting gives you direct access to a state of the art data centre which features fire prevention systems, temperature control, uninterrupted power supply, communication lines and accredited managed security. This elite level of service is available at the fraction of costs you would have to undertake to set up and manage your own facility. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your server can be rebooted during business hours and that any hardware failures will be rectified in as little as 30 minutes.