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The end of Business Skype 31 July, 2021 (and How to Prepare)

Skype For Businesses Online Ending 31st July 2021
On July 31, 2021, Skype for Business will be discontinued.

During the pandemic lock-down, voice over IP connections were vital for distant working. Whilst working remote, businesses were put to the test utilising several types of communication systems including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and 3CX, among other communication solutions.

But why is Skype for Business Online being phased out by Microsoft?

Why is Teams replacing Skype for Businesses?


Microsoft’s got a new favourite communication platform and that’s Microsoft Teams. They felt that with Skype for Business Online, customers were restricted to the range of other Microsoft Teams applications.

  • Office 365 integration
  • Application support
  • No-download required to use teams
  • Allows more people to connect to one call (up to 10,000!)
  • Easily share files

As Microsoft Teams grows in popularity, Skype for Business lacks many of the capabilities that Teams has. Teams receives more updates than Skype, leaving Skype for Business in the dark and not used.

Consumer Skype will continue to exist, however with the use of other popular VoIP apps such as Discord and Zoom, it begs the question of ‘how long will normal Skype exist?’

Leaks from Windows 11 have shown that standard Skype won’t be installed on the system automatically, but will have Microsoft Teams installed instead – moving users to use Teams over Skype. The Skype app will still be available to download through the Microsoft Store for free, just like any other app.

Businesses are quickly adopting VoIP services because they are extremely secure and available from anywhere with an internet connection. Working from home should be as simple as working in an office.


But I want a simple communications application with less hassle if I’m working remotely…


System Force IT recommends 3CX.


3CX stands out to us because it uses the cloud to host your phone calls, video calls and other services. You can remotely connect your office telephone numbers via the application and use the internet to connect your calls – saving all phone networking costs!

Here’s why..


  • Using the cloud which means no more phone networking costs
  • Accessible anywhere – mobile, web app and desktop
  • High-end security and unlimited support
  • Easy to use and install
  • Integration with iOS and Android
  • User-interface friendly
  • Multiple Caller IDs with specific numbers
  • High-end business features like auto attendant, call queues and recording services
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration


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