System Force I.T.

Trade in your old PC


Support for Windows XP will end six months from this week as Microsoft tries to draw a line under its ancient operating system. However, a lot of firms are still running this 12 year old operating system despite the huge risks it may cause as well as running old hardware which can be hampering productivity in todays busy marketplace.

To help businesses migrate to the Windows 7 operating system and the latest hardware powered by Intel, System Force IT are offering customers the opportunity to trade in their old PC and get up to £100 off the price of a new SFIT computer system.

Choose from the latest Intel Core i3, Core i5 or even a Core i7 processor with a standard 4GB Ram (upgradeable) and 500GB hard drive running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system.

Plus we are also offering trade in deals on monitors. So if you want to upgrade your old 17″ TFT to the latest energy saving 22″ LED displays then simply call the sales team on 0845 8620066 and find out how much you can save when trading in.

Remeber, Micosoft support for Windows XP ends on April 8th 2014 so don’t leave yourself vulnerable, call today.

*£100 offer applies to computers in working order with an original operating system license