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Its not very often that we need to warn customers about scams however this one can cost you allot of money !

We are being warned about a new computer virus scam doing the rounds in Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire Trading Standards Service has had a number of complaints from people telling them about a telephone call in which they are told their computer has a virus.

The caller offers to fix the virus but wants the credit card details first. They also ask for remote access to the computer to fix the virus. In some cases, the caller claims to be from Microsoft.

The caller’s aim is to take payment for a bogus repair and, by giving the caller access to the computer, they may be able to find their online bank account details. Some of the people who have received this call do not even own a computer, confirming that these are random bogus calls.

If you get a call transfer them to us please so we can trace where they are coming from and block them !

Many thanks Jez

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