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What is an Auto Attendant and How Does it Work?

Auto Attendant feature for VoIP helps a lot of businesses and gives great customer interaction

The word ‘auto-attendant’ is a phrase that refers to a voice menu system that allows calls to be redirected to another extension without having to go through a phone operator or receptionist.

An auto-attendant in a phone system is a very beneficial and cost-effective feature for a business since it automates and simplifies the incoming phone call process, making it easier for the person on the other end of the line to understand what the call is about.

What does an Auto Attendant Do?


This Voice over IP system avoids the ‘receptionist’ and directs the call, to wherever the caller wants to be in contact with. This helps eliminate wait times for your callers, and keeps them engaged.



A customer would call the company.

There are several options for different departments. They would press the 1 button, which would put them in the sales department directory, where they could speak with an agent about their call, instead of being redirected to the supports department.


It not only eliminates the middleman, but it also helps reduce customer support expenses and saves time. When auto-attendant is enabled, there is no need for a 24-hour receptionist because all calls will be transferred or transferred to the appropriate voicemail of the user.  

The caller will also be satisfied if their call is quickly answered by the appropriate department.

3CX's auto attendant system
Example directory of Auto Attendant. Credit: 3CX

What VoIP platforms include an auto-attendant feature?


Most VoIP providers usually have an automated receptionist but we recommend 3CX.

Once the caller has been connected, 3CX allows you to have your unique company greeting while also providing common business information such as opening hours. It’s key to have a menu flow for customers since you want them to be routed to the correct destination and receive their answer quickly.

3CX’s Auto-Attendant includes directories as well. When you know someone’s extension number and want to reach them directly, it’s much easier for the caller to dial that number straight away than going through the auto-attendant menu.


You can read more about 3CX VoIP system here.



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