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What is 3CX VoIP and is it any good?

What is 3CX and is it good voice over ip voip
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What is 3CX Voice over IP and is it any good?


What is VoIP firstly?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming a popular system which allows you to essentially use the internet/cloud for phone calls rather than the traditional telephone exchange or a landline network. VoIP platforms allow different types of communication; phone calls, messaging or video call, so it’s so easy to get in contact with customers or friends.

Why 3CX?

3CX stands out from its competitors due to the mobility and ease of management the software offers. Using the cloud to host all of your phone calls, video calls, and other services can save a lot of money for businesses. Businesses can also use their existing office phone numbers as an auto-attendant or directory. 3CX allows employees to always be on the go, but be available to answer company calls.


Recorded voice/video calls, smart board accessibility, messaging services, web conferencing, SMS texting, and virtual telephony with call management and analytics are just a handful of good features.

In 3CX, call forwarding is an essential function. Inbound calls to company phone lines can be routed to a several lines, including an agent’s cell phone, home phone, or another number. These calls can also be redirected to other departments and extensions in the business. Voicemails can also be transcribed and e-mailed to a staff member, which is a bonus!

Compatibility and Integration

Chrome, Linux, Firefox, and Opera, as well as Windows and Apple devices, are all compatible with the VoIP. You can use 3CX with a standard phone, a softphone app through the web client, or a mobile app, providing you complete mobility.

Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365 are just some of the communications and CRM applications that 3CX allows their customers to integrate to their VoIP system.

3CX has a significant pricing edge over its competitors. Enabling companies to cut telephone networking costs and to utilise the cloud for their telecommunications can save a lot of money.

Here’s a few more advantages to 3CX’s VoIP platform..

  • Clean and easy to use user-interface
  • Cut cost of traditional telephone exchange and globalize your brand to outside networks
  • Remote assistance and access
  • Easier to maintain and expand giving call centre features
  • Receive and make calls via one application, with several different numbers
  • Cloud access making 3CX available anywhere and everywhere
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • High security and unlimited support
  • Always getting update


The 3CX phone system is a well-designed system with many features and possibilities. The plan cost is quite reasonable and adaptable to your company’s demands.

The quality of your Internet connection, on the other hand, is critical to having a strong, well-performing system with 3CX. Before settling on a 3CX system, you should talk to a 3CX reseller about your Internet connection type and speeds.


System Force IT can host, manage, and maintain all of your 3CX services, so you don’t have to! If you’d like to see a demonstration of one of our partners’ applications or services, please contact us. More information is available on our or 3CX’s websites.



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