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Working Remotely and the Changing Role of IT Security

Working Remotely and the Changing Role of IT Security

Is your business suddenly struggling with a remote workplace? Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is now a long-term reality for many businesses across the globe. Most employees are opting to work remotely, and organizations are still running around the clock operations during the pandemic. This shift in the work culture is also changing and shaping the role of IT security and its operations. Not only are employees made to adapt to a new work culture, but employers are tasked with making sure they meet their employees’ needs and change their business models accordingly.

Cybersecurity risks are looming everywhere and now more than ever employees need extra security measures in place to secure their remote workplaces. In this article, we will peek into the changing role of IT security and how one organization is helping to steer the way for entire workforces transitioning to remote working.

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The Changing Role of IT Security and Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The field of IT security comes with the same challenges of a remote workplace that other fields experience. Here are some recent issues being faced by businesses during the pandemic:

  1. Ensuring Staff are Always Connected: From making sure the staff are always connected, ensuring the VPN is accessible and thwarting hardware issues, things must always be maintained. To secure huge workspaces remotely, most organizations must invest in understanding the remote devices infrastructure and figure out how best to use them safely and efficiently.
  2. Employees Using Their Devices: Along with ensuring security, throw in the fact that a lot of remote employees are using their own devices that do not come pre-installed with security measures required for a safe workflow. Recent post-COVID surveys are indicating that 50 percent of companies, who are allowing remote workers to use personal devices for work, have no security and monitoring policies in place and no regulations on how to use them. A lot of employees are also not using their business accounts for work purposes only, leaving them vulnerable to outside attacks.
  3. Lack of Security Awareness Training: Another big challenge is the fact that most employees are not well-versed with IT security and are now facing issues that were dealt with fully by their company’s security teams. There are times when no support is available, and employees are scrambling to secure their own devices and work projects. According to recent surveys, nearly 73 percent of employees do not have formal IT security awareness training, and only 32 percent of businesses have offered antivirus software and end-point security devices to their remote workers since the pandemic started.
  4. Phishing Attacks: There is also a growing concern about phishing emails regarding COVID-19 which are circulating and targeting innocent employees who, out of a desire to learn more about the pandemic, keep clicking on them only to find themselves stuck in a dungeon of cybersecurity issues. According to Barracuda, 51% of organizations have already seen an increase in phishing attacks since transitioning to a remote workplace.
  5. Latency Issues: There has also been a great upward trend with the usage of video conferencing, file sharing, and personal messaging apps, since these are the only means of communication while being physically distant from your workplace. This has caused slow speeds and latency issues for many workers across the board.

How System Force are Helping

System Force, a full suite IT solutions company, offers networking solutions, VoIP services, online backup, software and hardware, web hosting, and cybersecurity services to the masses. The company is working diligently during the pandemic to ensure seamless IT operations for its customers. At System Force, their knowledgeable staff understand the complexities and the changing role of the work environment. They are fully equipped to provide extended IT security services for businesses that are not capable of transitioning to a full-scale remote workplace. Besides guaranteeing a secure remote workplace, the company also ensures that all products are running efficiently, are up to date, and upgraded.

The company’s successful cybersecurity program is a multi-layered approach with protection centered around computers, networks, programs, and data. Here are the major ways by which this company is helping with IT security during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Continuous Monitoring and Support: The company provides around the clock monitoring, preventative maintenance, and support for a range of clients. Clients include individual users, small to large businesses, government, and healthcare industries. This provides an opportunity for anyone trying to extend security beyond their corporate network.
  2. Providing End-Point Security: System Force is providing self-healing end-point security options. These options come embedded within devices so automatic configuration, remediation, and monitoring of devices can be done without physical access or requiring a full-scale IT department.
  3. Helping with Lost or Stolen Devices: The company also offers services to locate lost or stolen devices and, in the event, prevents access by unauthorized users.
  4. Real-Time Alerts and Automated Repairs: System Force offers seamless solutions for the remote workplace where real-time alerts for device vulnerabilities can be triggered quickly and automatically. Also, automatic repair, installation, and removal of mission-critical applications are conducted for any misconfigured or outdated apps.
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During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are struggling to ensure a secure workplace for their ever-expanding remote workplace. Not only does a work from home culture creates dangerous opportunities for hackers and phishers, but every home device and connection can be a potential entry point for malicious threat actors. Not having control over the work habits of their remote workers and their use of personal devices, a business can rapidly lose control over its data and even a single wrong email click from an employee can transmit the company data over an unsecured network territory. In these trying times, full-scale IT solutions companies, such as System Force, are helping companies keep their data security and privacy intact. The company provides robust end-point security options and continuous monitoring and management support for remote IT infrastructures to extend security beyond corporate networks.

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