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5 Benefits that Voice over IP brings to Your Business

5 Benefits that Voice over IP brings to Your Business
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From saving money to providing a productive and efficient call environment for staff and customers…

Telecommunications technology has evolved significantly, and with today’s Voice over IP advancements, businesses are more than willing to convert from traditional phone lines to VoIP for these reasons.

But what is Voice over IP?


Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make phone calls via the internet rather than over a traditional phone line. When making a call over the internet, you can utilise a variety of features such as video calling, call recording, SMS messaging, and a whiteboard that you can draw on!

Overall, it’s a more efficient way of communication than ever before.

Here’s just some of the benefits of VoIP



Productivity and Workflow Efficiency, for Staff & Customers


VoIP has changed the way businesses communicate, allowing them to use more than just a regular phone line for a lower cost.

One of the biggest advantages of Voice over IP is how simple it is to use – for both your employees and your customer.

Features like auto-reception, or as known as auto-attendant, can help fill in the receptionist role essentially.

When a customer calls, the call is seamlessly transferred to the appropriate member of your team, which aids in getting them to the correct location as quickly as possible.

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Multi-device Compatibility


VoIP platforms all have some sort of mobility available. With 3CX, our preferred VoIP system, you can access your office phone from your smartphone, web app, a softphone app through the web client or simply through your office work phone. It’s that simple and seamless to stay connected whilst you are on the go.

Having access to your work phone, on your own personal phone can help with out of hour calls, emergency customer calls or voicemails that you can instantly reply to.

With BT Openreach also shutting their traditional phone lines by 2025 and transferring customers to VoIP, businesses can get proactive today and switch immediately.

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It doesn’t matter where you are; you can answer calls on the go, without having to be tied to the office – so you never miss a call, or have to worry about being away from your desk.

VoIP offers call forwarding to any other devices you may use for work, allowing you to be reached on one single telephone number from anywhere in the world – just as long as you have internet.

Another advantage of VoIP is that it makes it much easier for huge firms with multiple locations to call and communicate with one another. It’s never been easier to transfer to a colleague, put a customer on hold, or schedule a team meeting.

Cost Efficient


VoIP is a cost-effective means of communication because it relies on your broadband, which 99.9% of businesses already have. predicts that VoIP is to grow more than 15% before 2025, with small to medium businesses [SMEs] and large corporate businesses, as they will see the difference in costs.


Businesses have seen up to 50% savings just by switching to voice over IP solutions., (2021)



There’s no need to worry about extra phone lines, upkeep, or upgrades because the VoIP system can handle it all.

Using a simple interface, you can easily add new members to your VoIP system and provide handling permissions.

Simply put – it’s cheaper than your traditional landline, and VoIP gives you a lot more benefits, so it’s a no brainer.

Better than Traditional Telephones


Companies have been put to the test by having to work from home, which has required them to move all of their technology and adapt to phoning clients from their homes. These firms have been able to remain profitable thanks to VoIP, which allows them to use call boards and ticket systems to track how a consumer has been treated.

New features are constantly being developed for VoIP Systems to help businesses and customers communicate more efficiently at a lower cost than traditional phone lines.



Still not convinced?


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