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IT Procurement

IT Procurement

Whatever IT Procurement you need, be it hardware, software, peripherals or consumables, we offer competitive pricing on thousands of products leading manufacturers. These products are backed up with an excellent after sales installation and support services. Also, managed print services are available through us.

Hardware Procurement

Whether your company is expanding, you want to upgrade or want to replace existing equipment, we can supply the correct equipment on time and within budget. And with our consultancy service we can make sure you get the right equipment for the job. Also, we can manage your equipment lifecycle and maintenance.

Our IT Procurement includes the below, as well as anything else you can think of:

  • Laptops and Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Phones and Mobiles
  • Peripherals
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Printers and Scanners
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Software Procurement

We can ensure you get the right software solution and licenses to ensure you stay productive, safe and compliant.

Some of the software we can help you procure:

  • Anti-Virus
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Email Clients
  • VoIP Services
  • Cloud Backup Software
  • Firewalls

MPS – Managed Print Service

In the era of connectivity, innovation and collaboration, the world of print is changing, and so are printers. Printers are now smart, multifunctional and connected devices that play an important role in the workplace. Furthermore, we can help with your Printer procurement and management.

And with a wide range of printers from Brother and HP, System Force has the expertise to help you grow your business. Whether it’s a standalone printer, consumables or a complete fleet of document management devices, we can help.

And we can cover the whole lifecycle of the printer form installation, providing consumables and supplies, maintenance and support, through to secure disposal and recycling.
We can also take care of security with online printers being easy targets for attackers and an access point for malware that can spread throughout your network. Additionally, we can also provide solutions to stop important documents being left on a printer or not being disposed of correctly. Effective print security is something we take into account at consultancy level.

As part of a digital transformation, we look at how printers and scanners are deployed, managed and controlled. With lease options and pay-per-click monthly contracts and device management, lowering costs, providing the latest technology and security while tracking workflows and printing costs.
Recent studies have shown that a business can realise a cost saving of up to 30% using MSP, a paper-intensive business can have savings closer to 41%.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

By having your printing devices, scanners, faxes and copiers managed, they enable your organisation to improve it’s efficiency, productivity and information security.

  1. Save time and improve efficiency – The amount of time staff spend on printer related issues can be frustrating, especially on old hardware or software. Paper jams, replacing or ordering toners can take up valuable time and money. An MPS solution should identify such problems and reduce the time wasted.
  2. Reduce costs and save money – A print audit and assessment can identify ways to consolidate your devices, reduce maintenance, space and electricity.
  3. Improve productivity – An audit will assess the true requirements of a department and provide a tailored solution. A managed solution will include staff training to ensure staff get the most out of the hardware.
  4. Reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow – With leased hardware and pay-per-click print, this gives your organisation the opportunity to protect cash flow and an easier to manage budget.
  5. Improve information security – An MPS audit can identify print and IP security risks within your organisation. As a result, an MPS solution can mitigate those risks with a tailored print security plan.

We have much more on offer, just get in touch!

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