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Cyber Essentials and GDPR

The Cyber Essentials Scheme.

For most organisations and companies these days, maintaining a high level of cyber security couldn’t be more important. Not only is it key to protect customers and users’ personal and financial information from hackers, but it’s also vital to keep computer security systems up to date to keep computers safe from any kind of threat which could compromise their functionality.

With many high-profile cyber crime incidents having been seen in the media recently, the Cyber Essentials scheme is becoming ever more prevalent.

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How Cyber Essentials certification Can Help With GDPR

With the implementation of the (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation, many firms braced themselves for a new generation in privacy management. Organisations with Cyber Essentials Certification are said to be more advantaged because they offer a guideline for various standards such as GDPR, which is essential in illustrating how an organisations handle big risks.

Why You Need Cyber Essentials certification

To secure & certify your organisation to government approved standards.

Cyber Essentials demonstrates that your organisation is data security conscious. It shows you value the importance of taking measures to secure your customers data. Being Cyber Essential certified gives assurance to your customers as you are in compliance with a Government Recognised level of information security. Cyber Essentials helps implement basic, yet crucial information cyber security measures within your organisation.


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GDPR and Brexit

There will be no changes to GDPR as we know it. is quoted as saying:

“After the end of the transition period, GDPR will be retained in UK law and will continue to be read alongside the Data Protection Act 2018, with technical amendments to ensure it can function in UK law. The UK remains committed to high data protection standards.”

We can help ensure you have the necessary measures in place to comply both before and after the transition periods.

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