CCTV Surveillance

In the modern world, CCTV has become an I.T. responsibility, and we have many requestsIP Camera to extend our CCTVknowledge of both on and off site networking to create top of the range digital (IP) CCTV systems.

Our software meets requests of all of those who want to have their security under control.  It is designed to be an easy surveillance software for everyone to use, regardless of whether they do or do not have video monitoring background. Flexible settings and increased configurability make this application efficiently address your goals. You can use an unlimited number of video sources simultaneously.


To Install and Operate the CCTV systems we were asked to participate in BS 7858:2012, Which of course we are. This enables the Data protection side of the CCTV systems to be controlled by us, so that we can help you locate that issue caught on camera and you know that we are behind you all the way.

Camera/sources processing:

CCTV IP Camera

  • Compatible with any webcams, analog cams, including WiFi wireless cctv cameras
  • Supports IP-cameras (including H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, JPEG/MJPEG, MPEG-4, Fisheye, PTZ and ONVIF, wireless cams, i.e. perfect both for wired and wireless cctv)
  • Any resolution (Mpix)
  • PTZ touring (guard tour)
  • Screen captures from all monitors simultaneously
  • Adjustable sound quality and sound volume
  • Up to 2 000 cameras can be connected on 1 computer!
  • Soft keys and hardware keys available for licenses



CCTV MaintenanceTrendnet IP Camera




Intellectual modules and features:

  • CCTV Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Fisheye cameras image dewarping
  • Multilayered eMap – map of your video surveillance site with interactive cameras on it
  • Face detector
  • Object detector to follow objects even if they’re not moving
  • Detector of abandoned objects to detect unattended items
  • Smoke detector
  • Synchronization with camera’s SD card
  • Synchronization with cashier registers (POS)
  • Heat map
  • LDAP active directory synchronization
  • Easy home automation system integration thanks to HTTP request sender and HTTP switcher modules
  • Possibility to create your own cloud video surveillance service with Xeoma Pro
  • Privacy masking to blur areas you’re not supposed to record, or faces
  • Visitors counter
  • Cross-line Detector that also detects motion direction
  • Automatic object tracking with zoom (PTZ tracking) and visualization of moving objects
  • Sabotage detector to notify you when problems are detected
  • PTZ control also in browsers
  • Quick turning on/off of chains remotely (HTTP Switcher) and locally (Button Switcher)
  • Search in archive for motion events by time or in selected areas
  • RTSP and HTTP broadcasting: emulation of IP cameras streaming in MJPEG, JPEG, H264, etc.


Remote access:

CCTV IP Camera

  • CCTV Surveillance view via mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad supported)
  • Online view of all cameras with sound
  • Full remote access to settings, archive and cameras
  • Internet broadcasting
      • Possibility to embed camera image to your site
      • Remote access even with dynamic IP address
      • View of archives in web browsers


Motion detector:

  • Setting up of zone(s) of any size and shape to monitor for motion
  • Visual motion detection, with time of the last detected movement shown on preview
  • Setting up maximum object size to be ignored, and sensitivity level of sensor
  • Pre-record CCTV option to store several seconds preceding motion detection
  • Post-record to continue recording after the event has finished
  • Record delay
  • Enhanced algorithm to avoid false alarms caused by pets or weather changes



  • Loop recording
  • Adjustable maximum size of archive and compression rate of images stored to archive
  • Possibility to store archive onto different HDDs, RAIDs
  • Support for network attached storage (NAS), Google Cloud disc, etc.
  • User-friendly built-in media player with search for motion event or specific time
  • Export of a selected extract right from the viewer
  • Deletion of unneeded extracts from the viewer
  • Search for motion events by time and in selected areas
  • Simultaneous synchronized view of several archives

Notifications and reactions

  • Text message (SMS) sending
  • E-mail notifications (with attached JPEG images and MJPEG videos)
  • Event-triggered pop-up window
  • Sound alarm
  • Running a specified external program
  • FTP server upload of images and videos with sound
  • Saving files to the specified path with cyclic recording



  • Full-featured work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android
  • Free download
    CCTV Surveillance
    CCTV Surveillance
  • Full featured trial (demo) edition can be used multiple times
  • Free edition with no time-of-use limits
  • Ready to work right after downloading with default settings
  • No installation needed
  • No admin rights required
  • Simple additional settings
  • Flexible control like in a children’s construction set
  • Innovative intuitive graphical interface
  • Dynamic development and addition of cutting-edge features
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