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PC Rental or PC as a Service (PCaaS)

PC as a Service and Computer Support

Technology doesn’t stand still and it doesn’t last forever. Quite often, ageing devices are not matched to a user’s workload, causing incompatibility issues with software versions across the company. These issues can cause slow-downs in users productivity as well as additional computer support time and costs. In short, PC rental may be for you if you have these problems.

If you want to truly transform your business, PC rental simplifies the lifecycle of hardware and software management. As a result, it gives you access to the best technology available, fit for the job in hand, while reducing the upfront IT investment, backed up with expert computer support.

Standardising on hardware, operating systems and software reduces the complexity and compatibility across the business and with your clients. Meanwhile, it also helps eliminate downtime and speeds up productivity.

PC rental is a simple, quick and easy way for you to acquire the hardware, software and services you need, when you need them. You meet your technology needs, as well as satisfy and maximise your IT budget requirements. With flexible solutions, you can add more products as and when your business demands. Most importantly, with equipment refresh built in, you’ll save money and never get left behind.

Benefits of PC Rental

  • Reduce upfront IT investment – move from CAPEX to OPEX – Significant cost savings
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Ongoing expert technical and computer support
  • Faster access to latest technology
  • Keep equipment and software up to date to take advantage of latest features and security
  • Reduce management overheads with simplified procurement and support
  • Simplified asset management
  • All-inclusive, predictable low cost.
  • Easy scalable solution

PCaaS doesn’t just include PCs, it covers mobile devices, laptops, PCs, peripheral, software and support services to ensure your business meets it’s technology needs, fully scalable on demand to tackle a variety of projects.

For a fully managed PC Lifecycle, check out our device trade in program

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