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PC as a Service (PCaaS)

Welcome to PC as a Service (PCaaS)

Future-proof your business at a price you can afford. Our IT support professionals will keep your infrastructure right at the cutting edge of the latest computer technologies — allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

PCaaS is the Future of IT Infrastructure for SMEs

Why tie up so much cash in computer hardware that will depreciate immediately when you can rent the latest tech from us?

Equipment rental is a simple way for businesses to protect their cashflows and guard against depreciation. That’s why we offer PC as a Service (PCaaS). In essence, this is PC rental for small and medium enterprises that want to ensure their tech is always as powerful and capable as it can be.

The moment a new piece of computer equipment is installed, it begins to age and depreciate. But computer rental ensures that you can keep upgrading without having to worry about significant capital expenditure.

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll get the very latest PC hardware and software — as well as all the maintenance and repairs needed to ensure it runs smoothly. To find out more, call our IT support experts on 0330 0167 681.

How PC Rental Works

For a monthly rental fee, you get the computer hardware your business needs for long-term success. But that’s not all. When you choose us for business computer rental, you get ongoing IT support, maintenance and repairs.

We’ll start the process by assessing your existing IT infrastructure, your operations and your business objectives. Our IT support team will then design a system that works for you — at a price that makes sense.

We’ll then install and configure your hardware for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. We’ll also develop a customised support and maintenance package that ensures your IT infrastructure is protected against failures and security threats.

Our ongoing support includes continual continual assessment of your hardware’s performance. When technology moves on, we’ll ensure you’re given the opportunity to upgrade.

Top discuss PC rental with managed IT support professionals, get in touch today.

Why Choose PC Rental from Us

We’re experienced remote IT support providers, so we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology. We’ll ensure your PC needs are fully met and scalable. So when your business grows, your IT infrastructure can grow with it.

There are several clear advantages to renting PCs and computer equipment instead of buying them, including:

  • Minimise capital expenditure
  • Protect your business’s cashflow
  • Reduced overheads
  • Support from managed IT support professionals
  • Fast and affordable computer upgrades
  • Updates and patches are carried out for you quickly and accurately
  • Simplified asset management
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Easy to budget for
  • Scale your IT infrastructure in line with business growth

Our PCaaS includes everything you need to ensure your IT infrastructure is fast, reliable and secure. This includes peripherals, laptops, mobile devices, support and the latest software.

Take the first step towards a more efficient and powerful IT infrastructure — at a price that makes sense — by calling us today on 0330 0167 681.

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