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Internet Access

Internet Access

System Force are not only an I.T. Support company covering much of the UK, but we are also an ISP (Internet Service Provider). We provide Leased Lines to most of our customers due to their high bandwidth and great SLA turnaround. Also, we provide ADSL, EFM and FTTC to customers not yet ready to move to a Leased Line.

System Force is committed to connecting people, to improve their lives and business, in any location. We guarantee reliable and super-fast internet connection to ensure your business always maintains an online presence. At the heart of connecting our customers, we ensure they get safe internet connections that will keep their data safe and their systems secure. Our internet connection can be customized to suit your particular needs to ensure that you get the best possible experience and value for money. Whether you need to access the internet for online banking services, shopping or school work, System Force internet provides you with high-speed internet wherever you live, no matter the size of your business.

We are supported by an experienced technical team with top quality experts to provide the best-connected services to you. Our team is also equipped with great people skills and they will endeavour to assist you with local network and remote site issues to help you have a trouble-free service. We have optimized our network to provide:

Leased Lines

Rising above the competitors is immensely crucial in this highly competitive world. Regardless of the size and domain of your business, you can emerge as a successful and competent enterprise with the help of modernized network services. Employing most efficient tools, like Leased Lines, can enhance productivity, thus helping you to serve your clients in the most efficient way.

A designated network for voice communication, accessing business data and customer records, is the prime need of every company today. You need a secure system that offers uninterrupted functionality so that you can carry on your business processes without any hassle. And Leased Lines, due to its unique features and advanced facilities has become the preferred choice of businesses of every stature. It enables the businesses, located at various locations, to connect easily and quickly with the host system, thus enhancing efficiency and real time access of the data.

At System Force, we offer Leased Line circuits, for both long and short distance business communications, according to your preferences and needs. You also get the facility to expand the bandwidth whenever the need arises. Our highly advanced and dedicated network management system helps us to perform regular checking of Leased line circuits and also keep a track of the bandwidth performance to ensure enhanced efficiency of your crucial business applications and processes. System Force is equipped with world class infrastructure, and a highly competent work force, to deliver highly professional and credible services. To serve your customers with the most specialized and professional services, you need a sophisticated and reliable network.

Communication is the key for the success of any enterprise, and with Leased Line services offered by System Force, you can be assured that you can communicate with your customers and associates without interruption.

Available at symmetrical speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps, our Leased Line and Ethernet circuits provide high performance connections for carrying voice, data & Internet access. Each solution has a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a choice of backup options including ADSL2+ and ADSL.

To meet future growth requirements, our dedicated Leased Lines and Ethernet services are scalable above 2Mbps, with the ability to increase the initial bandwidth requirement easily and quickly as business demands dictate. Customers can have confidence knowing we provide fully managed hardware as standard and provide 24/7 UK based technical support. Furthermore, the national footprint of our resilient national MPLS network means our likely close proximity to customer sites allows for the delivery of a highly cost effective solution.

What are the benefits of System Force’s Leased Lines?

• 100% Service Level Agreement

• 24/7 support. 365 days a year

• Pro-active network monitoring

• Managed Cisco router as standard

• Uncontended connection

• Symmetric bandwidth

• Copper/dual fibre options

• Supports Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

FFTC or fibre broadband is when a connection passes over a fibre optic cable from the exchange to the street cabinet, and then over your copper phone line. This connection provides an excellent low-cost solution to small businesses but it experiences some challenges owing to the length of the cable and interruption of service from line breaks.

All these challenges are overcome by System Force’s Super Bonded Fibre. Our Super Bonded Fibre provides premium bonded fibre to your premises by installing two lines and bonding them to increase your upload and download speeds and also creates redundancy, which ensures that in case of a fault on one line, the other line will maintain your connection. Also, our broadband products are cheap and affordable for all our customers with a super-fast and reliable connection. We also provide live monitoring of your network from our headquarters to make sure that your connection is uninterrupted.

System Force Bonded Fibre can be used as a back up to the main internet service or as the main internet connection and will provide you with a free static IP address.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

System Force provides high-speed bandwidth for both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) that takes your business to the next level. It enables support of VoIP and IP VPNs to increase your business competitiveness.

System Force EFM is a cost-effective and reliable fibre alternative with the following benefits:

ADSL or  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a high-speed Internet access service and is cheaper to use phone network with 128 access speeds up to 20 Mbps.

ADSL services utilize the use of high-frequency waves to distribute data over regular phone network. To connect to the Internet via ADSL service, ADSL modems (of many types of different brands) are used to connect via Telkom or Telco.ADSL Microfilter.

The ADSL modem works by restoring the data that is sent with high frequency modulation to readable data. It’s just a difference with analog modems using sound frequencies while ADSL uses a high frequency.

With our ADSL internet service, the same telephone line that is used for connection with an ADSL service, can also be used for a regular phone connection. To stop high-frequency sound frequencies clashing, phones will require a special filter to filter out high frequency sounds. ADSL service is also called broadband and is also available on a cable service that utilizes the use of cable networks like cable TV.

This Service Requires:

• An existing BT analogue telephone line; both ADSL and existing service can be used simultaneously.

• System Force I.T. to activate your line for ADSL service with BT.

• System Force I.T. to install Modem/Router at your premises.

• Approximately 7 to 10 days lead-time for installation from receipt of order.

• Minimum contract period: 12 months

ADSL Bonding

ADSL Internet bonding works in exactly the same way as ISDN channel bonding; the result is that you will receive your broadband connection up to eight times the maximum upload and download speed (If you bond eight lines). This solution is ideal for companies that need additional upstream or downstream bandwidth but cannot justify leased line costs or are unable to receive EFM service.

System Force IT is proud to announce the release of a unique solution to provide maximum ADSL bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of leased lines. Coupled with our bonded routers system force supply a managed service so you have all the support you ever need.

The process is simple, once the order is placed for the ADSL we will provide the ADSL feeds, bond the connection at network level and supply a pre configured* router ready for you to plug in.

There is more information available on our Bonded ADSL system on

* Please note that the routers are not configurable by the customer.


BT PSTN line rental is not included; you will need 1 x PSTN line for each ADSL channel. Remember that you can buy your PSTN lines from System Force.

Point to Point/ Multipoint Wireless

Increasing needs of today’s fast developing business enterprises have made it crucial to have a reliable and high performing system in place. Designing a highly functional business network is the biggest concern for companies with varied needs. Expanding your current setup, or establishing a new enterprise, it is the system performance that dictates the accomplishment of desired organizational goals. We at System Force, offer the best solutions for Point to point / multipoint wireless connectivity.

Uninterrupted network connectivity, and the capacity to support multiple lines, are the prime traits offered by Point to point / multipoint wireless services, an ideal way to enhance your organizational growth, along with efficiency and productivity. We incorporate cutting edge and highly sophisticated technology to provide you the finest solutions and serve your network based requirements. Point to point / multipoint wireless provides an easy solution to enterprises seeking a reliable solution for their increasing network related needs. Incredible features, like high capacity and fast connectivity, make these point to point and multi point wireless systems an ideal choice for companies that wish to expand their network.

To cater to the growing needs of the fast developing enterprises, it is vital to offer a solution which can meet their requirements in a cost effective way and point to point and multi point wireless system is certainly the best choice for enterprises. High performance and capacity are the prime concerns which can ensure the success of an enterprise. Point to point / multipoint wireless services offered by System Force can definitely help your business to scale the exceptional heights.

IP VPN Systems (PWAN)

IP VPN solutions create secure connections between multiple sites and remote workers and often use differing access technologies. For example, a high speed 100Mbps or 1Gbps Ethernet circuit at a customer’s head office and leased line connection speeds of 2Mbps to 10Mbps at regional offices, with smaller sites using broadband variants as their main connection.

Our national network and diverse service portfolio provides the perfect platform for delivering highly effective private networks. In addition to the inherent resiliency within our MPLS core, further resiliency is added to Ethernet connections as standard using ADSL as a backup connection, with an on-site router providing automatic change-over in the event of a main access failure. Additional Ethernet circuits from separate System Force carriers can be used to provide backup to key sites where critical. Dual IPVPN and dual firewall resiliency options are also available.

Our solutions deliver further flexibility, including centralised Internet access with firewall-to-firewall VPN tunnelling between users, QoS for voice traffic delivery and prioritisation by traffic type such as video.

We place great importance on securing all elements of the IP VPN service, both technical and physical. Our and our partner’s 38 MPLS nodes are in highly secure locations – our own data centres, BT exchanges or other data centres, all of which have high levels of physical security. System Force’s main site is protected 24/7 both by physical guard and a controlled access system and extensive internal monitoring using IP CCTV. Access to the main building area is controlled by an electronic access system. Once inside, entry to any of System Force’s data centres is controlled by a further independent system.

All System Force IP VPN solutions are tailor made to meet each customer’s specific requirements, with our experienced engineers and consultants available to help you design, cost and implement a complete connectivity solution, both managed and unmanaged.

A dedicated and reliable network system is the foremost need of any company to emerge successfully in the highly competitive business world today. Uninterrupted communication and sharing of vital information is essential for smooth functioning of your business processes. At System Force we provide our clients a private network to serve their business needs in the highly efficient and advanced manner. We offer private WAN systems, a reliable and secure network connection that is indispensable for your business operations.

Irrespective of the size and type of your business you can be sure that our Private WAN system can enhance your productivity and efficiency, along with business profits. You can communicate and share information and data with your clients and associates in a better way, irrespective of distance. Private WAN systems connect offices and enterprises located in different parts of the world to ease the process of communication. Discreet management and unmatched security ensures complete protection of your data and information from any disaster.

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