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What do Cloud hosted Systems mean to the normal person

Increase your ease of work, and expansion of business, with a cloud system from System Force.

Owning a website is just the first step. You need to develop it, and fill it with relevant information and attractive features. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the website runs smoothly with your business and is a platform for an effective expression and a way to connect with the visitors.

If you own a website, then what cloud hosted systems mean to you is that your website would no longer be powered by just one server. It will be collectively powered, and processed, by a group of servers which form a cloud. This attractive feature helps you to have the power of many servers at an affordable price.

For big companies, it’s good news, because when their peak season of business arrives, all these servers can pick up the load without letting it affect the quality and speed of the website. For small businesses, it is a positive, but ambitious step to take as it means they are aiming for a much greater level of success of their business. It would also indicate a good approach toward steering clear of server crashes and network fluctuations.

cloud systems

Since you only need to pay for the services that you make use of, whether it is a big or small company, a cloud hosted system is cost-effective. Even a small business venture can make use of the latest technology and high-quality servers with cloud-based services. It will also reduce the need for onsite servers and other technological expenses, thus saving resources and the time and effort taken to maintain them endlessly. This also helps you to make an environmentally friendly contribution because of the reduced servers.

With a cloud hosted system, your website gains potential to tap in to more target audience with superior quality of work and speed.

There are two types of “Cloud” terms used in the world of I.T., Cloud being based on the internet on multiple servers stored anywhere, and Private cloud – typically hosted in a private datacentre where only your business has access to it

There are up sides and down sides to both. Rather than create a massive page that will leave anybody confused, there are some uses for Cloud Solutions below. Or contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.

Online Backup

Ensure complete data protection with System Force’s online backup services.

Your important and confidential business data needs constant protection from any potential threats, ranging from accidental deletion and natural disasters, to viruses and malevolent attackers. Having a steadfast data protection service in place is an ideal solution to ensure complete data security, and what could be better than opting for online backup services.

Today,  enterprises rely heavily on their data like never before. For many businesses, the data that pertains to customers or commercial partners is their most precious commodity. So it becomes a priority for IT admins to secure and store such data without fail. In recent times cloud backup has become the most powerful tool for businesses worldwide as they cater to their needs without much effort. Since the offerings include reduced IT complexity, reduced admin costs and a synchronized platform for backups to ensure better accessibility and security, SMBs are increasingly adopting Cloud backup.

Offering highly reliable and efficient services, System Force always strives to facilitate your business processes with functional and usable solutions and online backup is the most credible, convenient and cost effective measure to ensure complete security of your business data. At System Force we provide you maximum level of data protection by keeping a backup of your data on regular basis. Bringing into use finest technology and advanced solutions, we are able to provide you most credible data backup solutions online. All your business information, files and data is fully encrypted, instantly recoverable and backed up automatically every day, so that you can rest assured about its safety.
Online Backup is certainly the easiest and instant solution to restore all your crucial business data in case of power surge, hard drive failure or accidental deletes. All these instances might be unavoidable but you can definitely stay prepared with complete backup solution that allows you to securely store and restore your data and files, whenever needed. Our years of expertise, exceptional technological skills and proficient team of experts – means complete and round the clock solution for all your data backup worries.

Eliminate chances of accidental data loss with incredible and highly effective online backup service, which offers you easy data storage and recovery and moreover, assurance of complete data security.

However, most of them lack the necessary data protection due to a whole range of issues including budget constraints, unsupported platforms, growth rates in data, reliance on outdated technology among others. But here is where System Force’s Online Backup stands out as it is built from the ground up to empower the needs of companies of all sizes with flexibility and ease of administration at a affordable price. As an client, we can control your backups and business with multi tiered architecture, centralized monitoring and much more

Now let us take a look at the five major benefits of employing System Force’s Online Backup based backup in your business.

Easy backup and recovery

You can get a complete insight about the backup and restore status from an easy to use dashboard. Maintaining all your backups is made so easy through the tickets generated and restoration of all your file and systems can be done in minutes, anytime and anywhere instantly to a specific point in time. You can have peace of mind with our automatic up-gradation and support.

Multi-platform Support

System Force’s Online Backup backs up and protects corporate data on a wide range of devices, with heterogeneous restore to any OS or hardware. Supports backup of Windows, Mac, and Linux laptops and desktops
Enterprise grade plugins
System Force’s Online Backup support business critical applications through its plugins like MS Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, cPanel, Disk image, Microsoft Sharepoint, and databases like Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql, and much more. It also provides complete protection for virtual machines through its VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer. All these plugins enables you to quickly restore even a single file from an image backup through a single step process.

Secure your data with military-grade encryption at source, while in flight and at rest. Keep your data safe and sound with 256-bit AES encryption which is also compliant to industry-recognized certifications and audits like PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, SAS 70 Type II.
At an affordable price
It’s cost-effective and provide all the necessary resources and accessibility that you would need for an efficient business functioning.

Hosted Desktop service

Online presence of your business plays a key role as it enhances your brand visibility, makes you easily accessible, facilitating your dealings with the clients and associates. At System Force we do our utmost to provide you the most advanced and sophisticated business solutions and Hosted Desktop facility is definitely the ideal solution for enterprises looking for ways to augment their growth and business prospects. It provides you an easy way to store any data and information through an online network that not only saves your time but makes it easily accessible as well.

Hosted Desktop facility is aimed at making your business processes easier and more streamlined, while saving your expenses and efforts. Integrated with the most advanced technology and incredible features, this facility offers you anytime access to your data that is stored securely online. With this you can expect high productivity and increased efficiency in your business processes, as you can work from anywhere without limiting yourself to any one place.

Hosted Desktop service is a new and improved way to mark your presence in today’s online world. Highly streamlined and efficient method of storing the crucial business data in the virtual world, Hosted Desktop facility offers you the peace of mind by keeping your data safe from any potential threat. Regular backups and advanced firewall protection ensures complete safety of your data. At System Force, we incorporate the most advanced features to make Hosted Desktop facility a pleasant and rewarding choice for your business development.

Easy accessibility, round the clock security and high productivity, are the prime benefits of Hosted Desktop service offered by System Force to enhance your business growth and future prospects.

Complete Hosted Networks

The incentive of not having to manage the intricacies and complexities of an IT department are so much that every business nowadays has employed the services of a complete hosted network of IT solutions. The struggle of a small business owner should not be accentuated with also having to seal with servers, software, its licenses, hardware, firewalls, etc. The reason so many of them stay behind is the overbearing competition is that their poor IT facilities hold them back.

The purchase, maintenance and repairs of software, hardware, anti-virus, web hosting, backup services, database solutions and all the other IT aspects take up too much time, money and effort. It is recommended to not unleash this burden on to your staff and resources that could be otherwise employed in more productive activities for the betterment of your company. In small businesses especially, a complete hosted network comes as a blessing.  With an excellent IT infrastructure, perfectly-running IT service and a great availability that propels the company forward without seeking attention and quietly solving all your IT-related problems with ease, your small company can grow into a big enterprise. With our complete hosted network, they no longer have to endure the unsatisfactory network services.

The completed hosted network of System Force ensures that your business is enriched only by the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure and services like inherent disaster recovery, easy access to your data and scalability, etc. This affordable and complete hosted network customizes its price, approach and services to suit your needs. The complete fairness of our seasoned team assures that the prices we charge only denote the services that you asked for. With the continuous growth in your business, a constant update of network services is promised to keep up with the growing demands of your configuration, servers, etc.

Get the latest technology for your company and provide for it the System Force services that completely get rid of your IT hassles for you.

Hosted Exchange

Communication is undoubtedly the most crucial factor that can influence the growth of an enterprise. In today’s fast paced and highly competitive scenario where every company is seeking ways to improve its business prospects, it is not wise to overlook the presence of a system that can offer you an uninterrupted and fast way to communicate. A number of advanced services are available to facilitate your business communications and Hosted Exchange facility offered by System Force is definitely the perfect choice for your business growth.

Today businesses need a quick and rapid way to access data, records and business portals, without compromising on security or privacy. Ignoring the importance of a reliable communication system can prove damaging for your business prospects. Not being able to communicate with your present and prospective clients on time can lower your business revenues. Hosted Exchange facility provides business affiliates a convenient way to stay updated with the scenarios taking place in their company, along with monitoring various business operations.

From finalizing business deals and taking new orders to financial transactions, today everything has been facilitated by the advent of e-mails and what could be better than being able to perform all these tasks from anywhere, anytime. Hosted exchange service can definitely enhance your business productivity by enabling you to access your e-mails through a web-enabled device, be it a computer, laptop or mobile phone. Every business, irrespective of its domain and stature, can benefit from this highly cost-effective and extremely useful service.

Easy to access features and high functionality are the prime features of Hosted Exchange that can open incredible avenues for your business growth. At System Force we can offer you the most suitable Hosting Exchange services to match your business aspirations and to augment your business growth.

Smoothen your company’s external and internal communication and customize your server according to your needs with hosted exchange system.

The mode of communication chosen by a company that caters to its clients as well as employees says a lot about it. In case you need to stay in contact with your clients and employees regularly, then a hosted exchange service would work the best for you. Your clients would be happy to communicate and deal with you professionally. When you remove technical difficulties and psychological barriers from someone’s path, they are more willing to talk to you and are relieved due to the smooth experience provided to them. This helps in instilling faith and good will throughout your client base.

Hosted exchange ensures an effective and well-oiled communication between two people or more. It also does not trouble you financially because the cost is expected and fixed for the entire year. An added incentive is that it includes the upkeep of the service. Hosted exchange makes sure that the customers are completely satisfied and do not have to deal with any technical issue or an unresolved query.

It is a customized system which allows you the advantage of unlimited space. You can decide the amount of space you need and then make free adjustments to the server. It is pretty convenient too because it does not require you to have many resources at hand. You just need the two basic things, which are, a computer and a net connection and then you are good to go. You do not even need both sometimes. You can sit anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and your individualized email server and access your work files and documents easily. All the email, notifications and data of the company can thus be accessed from public domains and even shared speedily with your client. Even payments can be made and such little tasks reduce your work load and the cost as well.

For communication with clients and employees, use the hosted exchange system of System Force which is reliable, speedy, spam-free and virus-free.

Distributed Small Business Server (SBS)

Expand your business presence with Hosted SBS (Small business server) Communicating and coordinating with clients on regular basis is essential to maintain long lasting business relationships and to enhance the growth of your enterprise. Timely and easy access to all the information can facilitate easy attainment of business goals and Hosted SBS service is certainly the best and most comprehensive solution to meet all your business needs. Keeping yourself updated with the latest advancements and changes in your business domain is crucial to provide your clients a unique and proactive service experience. Ease to access data and information from anywhere and at anytime is the prime facility offered by Hosted SBS service. At System Force we incorporate highly advanced hosted solutions to keep your records and data safe, while enhancing the productivity of your business. You can be assured of complete security of your crucial business data from any potential online threats as System Force securely manages all your information in highly discreet manner.

Today it is imperative for every business, no matter how big or small, to have a reliable email program to communicate with clients and offer them the best services on time and we strive to deliver only the best services to our clients to match their growing needs and business goals. If your business requires you to communicate with several contacts regularly, Hosted Exchange service offered by System Force is ideal for your business interests.

Our discreetly designed and professionally implemented Hosted SBS services enable you to present a highly credible and well organized image of your business in front of your clients.

With technology in the computer industry changing so quickly, servers and server systems are normally replaced every three years. It has been identified that your current server is approaching, or has passed, this three year threshold. This means the server has or will shortly have no manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty service is not available. 

This poses a significant risk, should the server fail we may not be able to provide parts or fix it quickly enough, to ensure the minimum level of disruption to your business.

At System Force we like to offer our customer the latest in technology and network design, taking into consideration the issues that customers face and the “issues of backups”.

We have developed a new network design called “Distributed SBS”.  This means is that instead of one massive server on your site, you have a smaller server that is controlled by another server located in our Datacentre.

This other server runs the majority of heavier services (like email) and keeps an offsite copy of all of your data. The data is synchronised on a nightly basis and eliminates the need for you to change backup tapes; we backup the data in our Datacentre every day to your exact requirements.

Because we have very large server systems in our Datacentre, it means that we can run your server for you and control your network rapidly and efficiently

Hosted Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is internet telephony. You use a dedicated broadband connection to make and receive calls instead of using the traditional wired connection. It delivers crystal clear call quality across all communication channels anywhere in the world.

The benefits include a rich set of business features, free office-to-office calls, the flexibility to grow without having to invest in an expensive phone system or telephone lines, savings on maintenance and running costs.

System Force IT’s Hosted Telephone System is a secure, feature rich managed system that is easy scaleable so as your business grows, so can you phone system. As no on-site equipment (with the exception of handsets) is needed, all support and maintenance is carried out off site by our skilled engineers 24/7.


System Force IT’s VoIP Hosted Telephone System provides your business with a flexible, effective and reliable form of communication that can save you money and free your business from the restrains of an old analogue system. For more information call our sales team now on 0845 862 0066 and see how you can save with a new VoIP system.

To learn more about what can offer, just get in touch!

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