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Cloud Systems

Through the evolution of technology, cloud systems are the way we access our personal, private and work data, accessing a digital resource or service that isn’t installed locally on your computer or local network.

While most of us use Cloud systems in one form or another in our personal lives (email, OneDrive, Netflix). In business, it’s a way of consolidating digital resources into an on-demand, online and accessible solution.

It allows remote and mobile workers, clients and employees access to the company’s data and resources from anywhere without the need for technical experience or large financial outlay

Cloud computing benefits:

  • Pay as you go
  • Disaster Resistance
  • Business Continuity
  • Off-site data storage
  • Lower cost of total ownership
  • Access from anywhere
  • Easily upgraded/expanded
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System Force have dedicated privately owned datacentres to accommodate all public and private cloud requirements. Populated with Intel powered Dell PowerEdge servers, serviced and monitored 24/7 by technical engineers providing 99.98% up-time and support.

Cloud Services include:

  • Communications – Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, email.
  • Web Hosting – Domain registrations, web site design, web hosting.
  • E-Commerce – Web based digital storefronts.
  • Security – Digitally secure environments, with backups and encryption.
  • Connectivity – Built in failovers through multiple leased lines.
  • Storage – Reliable data storage available 24/7, online backups.
  • Collaboration – Hosted environments, desktops and servers.

Online Backup

Companies need to protect their network from all data loss threats, including hard drive failures, ransomware, and natural disasters. Having an online backup service can make it easy to secure your files. Regardless of whether you backup your data religiously to hard drive or tape, you still need to have an off-site backup in case disaster strikes.

  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Laptops and workstations
  • Data and Critical Application backups
  • Office 365 Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint

The System Force fully managed Online Backup service gives you the confidence that your data is safe and secure and readily available for when you need it:

  • Automatic scheduled uploads
  • Encrypted and secure connections/data
  • Fully managed service
  • Versioning with 30 day retention
  • Automatic scaling as your backups grow

Hybrid-Cloud Backup

While an online backup is the best defence in disaster recovery situations, using a local backup works well for quick restores, especially if you have a low bandwidth broadband connection.

With a hybrid backup, your data is first copied to a local storage device to give quick restores when needed. Then your data is then replicated to the cloud, so if anything happens to the device, your data is always available and you don’t have to worry about off-site copies.

File sizes Guide

  • Average mp3 File size; 3MB
  • Average movie File size; 700MB
  • Average HD movie File size; 5000MB
  • Average Photo File size; 5MB
  • Average text File size; 0.2MB
  • Average spreadsheet File size; 0.5MB

Cloud Systems Support

System Force specialise in providing professional support services for cloud services from design and building to implementation and maintaining as well as providing full 24/7 support and security.

Cloud solutions can transform any company by providing resources and services online and removing the need for in house expensive hardware and technical expertise. And System Force are here to make sure you get the most out of your cloud service and ensure its availability to the users who need it.

Whether you’re new to the idea of Cloud systems or have an existing Cloud infrastructure we are here to help:

  • Consultancy – from infrastructure and business analysis to design
  • Cloud transition management
  • Cloud Environment Managed Service
  • 24/7 Operation Service and Security Management

Cloud support covers:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Hosted Exchange and email
  • Microsoft 365
  • Private and Public Cloud
  • Hosted Desktops
  • Hosted Servers
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Cloud security

Cloud Systems for Business

Small to medium size business owners are often fighting a losing battle when it comes to implementing technology that works for them, with expense being the major cause for lack of technology adoption.

Thankfully the cloud has a lot to offer the SMB user. It will grow with your business and it can be relatively inexpensive to implement too.

For the SMB cloud technologies are certainly worth considering. They carry the technical impact that an in-house solution can deliver without the extra cost of administration, space used or purchasing of hardware.


Voice Over IP, video conferencing, email marketing.


Offering a digitally secure environment for your company, employees and your customers. Cloud services can greatly enhance your security and that of your customers.


A web based storefront is a powerful element of the modern business.

Cloud Systems Connectivity

Cloud connectivity tools are better for allowing remote workers and customers all around the world to connect to the services that your business offers, when they need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


More companies are turning to cloud based accounting and financial solutions instead of traditional desktop software. Cloud financial services offer secure access to a companys financial records from any internet connected device.

On-line Learning

Colleges, training centres and academics can call benefit from the vast array of cloud e-learning services.


The biggest draw to use cloud services is reliable and secure online storage, keeping their online to avoid data disasters and allow 24/7 access to it. Hybrid solutions tend to be the favourite.


Maintaining an on-site mail server requires a fairly high level of expertise, maintenance and a large investment. Using a Cloud email solution is a cheaper hassle free solution with built in backup.


Collaboration in the cloud can have a huge impact on how you and your business works with others. Remote and mobile users can work as if they are in the office.

Public Cloud Systems

One of the main benefits that the public cloud is that it is traditionally cheaper than a Private cloud (dedicated in-house hardware, software and technical experience). Public cloud servers and space are rented and therefore you only pay for what you use. In addition, the initial investment is very low.


Using a public cloud allows easy quick and easy scalability with limited interruption and low costs.


Mobile, remote working, collaboration and file sharing are all benefits of using a public cloud setup.

Ease of Use

Compared to traditional in-house solutions is relatively easy to setup, backed up by the technical expertise of our in-house technicians providing 24/7 support.

Downtime and upgrades

Upgrading hardware and software in a business can be tricky. Using a public cloud cuts down on the expense and time taken during upgrades, keeping downtime low.

Low maintenance

While you still need to maintain your in-house computers and devices, using a public cloud service will drastically cut out the high-end levels of maintenance usually associated with running your network. You also save on having to maintain the server room, UPS or air conditioning.

Private Cloud Systems

Unlike the shared services of the Public Cloud, a Private Cloud is dedicated to a single organisation. This offers better control over the cloud, security and privacy, virtualisation and resource allocation.


A private cloud gives more control over the setup and configuration of the cloud servers, you can have it tailored to your company specifications.


Private cloud systems will factor in a better redundancy. Disaster recovery solutions are usually built with a private cloud, providing quicker recovery in the event of a disaster.

Improved security

Sensitive data such as medical and bank records need a higher level of security. Using a private cloud ensures your company alone has access to that data.


A private cloud setup allows you to specify the hardware and software setups your business requires.


A private cloud ensures you are able to comply with the regulations that govern your business.


A dedicated server in a private cloud means as the only user your business will have improved performance as you don’t share the server with other users.


By using a private cloud, you will benefit from the expertise of System Force’s in house IT.

Hybrid Cloud Systems

A hybrid cloud setup gives your company a host of extra benefits with the ability to move workloads between in-house, private and public clouds seamlessly.

Expansion and Growth

If a company expands rapidly, a hybrid solution can easily cater for the company’s needs and demands.

Disaster recovery

Although hybrid cloud systems can be quite costly, there can be a far better disaster recovery plan factored in. In-house servers can be backed up to the private cloud and non-sensitive data can be made available in the public cloud ensuring your data is always available when you need it.

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