Advantages of Following the UK Cyber Essentials Rules and Guidelines

Advantages of Following the UK Cyber Essentials Rules and Guidelines

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against common online threats. It sets out five technical controls that organisations should implement to achieve a basic level of cyber hygiene. These are:







Secure your Internet connection (Network and Firewall Security – Securing your network and establishing safe connections to the outside world)

Secure your devices and software (Applying the right security measures to all devices, including infrastructure and end-user ones, whether they are used at home or in the office. )

Control access to your data and services (User Account and Password Management – Defending your data and end-users from threats that come from inside or outside.)

Protect from viruses and other malware  (Antivirus and Antimalware software – Malware attacks are a serious risk for businesses in the present day. For this reason, Cyber Essentials inspects all your devices to confirm that they are suitably protecting your data and privacy.)

Keep your devices and software up to date (Patch Managment – Making sure all devices that are connected get the most recent software and security updates.)


By following the Cyber Essentials rules and guidelines, organisations can benefit from:

Protection from 80% of cyberattacks. Cyber Essentials helps organisations guard against the most prevalent cyber threats, such as phishing, malware, ransomware, and hacking. By implementing the five technical controls, organisations can reduce their vulnerability and improve their resilience to cyberattacks.

Eligibility to apply for government contracts. Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement for suppliers bidding on certain government contracts that involve handling sensitive or personal information or delivering certain technical products and services. By obtaining Cyber Essentials certification, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and increase their chances of winning government contracts .

Reduction of insurance premiums. Cyber Essentials can help organisations lower their cyber insurance costs by showing that they have taken steps to mitigate cyber risks. Some insurance providers offer incentives or discounts for organisations that have Cyber Essentials certification.

Increase of customer trust and reputation. Cyber Essentials can help organisations reassure their customers, partners, and stakeholders that they are taking cyber security seriously and that they are working to secure their IT systems and data. This can enhance their reputation, brand image, and customer loyalty .

Improvement of business efficiency and productivity. Cyber Essentials can help organisations streamline their IT processes, save money, and improve performance by reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber incidents. By following the Cyber Essentials rules and guidelines, organisations can avoid downtime, data loss, reputational damage, and legal consequences that can result from cyberattacks .

Cyber Essentials Certification gets you  –


24hr helpline to report a cyber incident, which will provide crisis management and incident response to the total liability limit of £25,000.


Liability: claims made against you arising out of media activities and privacy and security wrongful acts.
Event Management: costs, including emergency costs, following a data breach, including the costs of notifying data subjects. These might typically include payment for Legal, IT, Forensic & PR specialists.
Extortion Demands: ransoms and other cyber extortion.
Regulatory Investigations: defence costs & regulatory fines (where insurable by law).
Business Interruption: Loss of profit and / or operational expenses caused by a network compromise.

Loss of Electronic Data: costs of remedying the issue that allowed the loss or damage to your data and costs to replace, restore or update your data.[To the limit of the policy liability]


Money stolen by electronic means or cyber fraud.

Excesses apply: see FAQ

The £25,000 limit of indemnity might be sufficient for a small breach or incident but inadequate for a serious problem or more than one incident. Higher limits of indemnity are available.

In conclusion, following the UK Cyber Essentials rules and guidelines can bring many advantages for organisations of all sizes and sectors. It can help them protect themselves from common cyber threats, become eligible for government contracts, reduce their insurance premiums, increase their customer trust and reputation, and improve their business efficiency and productivity. Although most people think that the Cyber Essentials acreditation is expensive, its not. System Force can offer support and charges can be as low as £59 PCM (Plus VAT).



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