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How to Stop Windows 11 Updates from Installing on your Windows 10 PC


Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade to Windows 11 Just Yet

We know the newest operating system may sound really tempting to install,  however we strongly advise you to disable all Windows 11 Updates.

This is why…


Many common programs or applications have been discovered by users to not operate properly with Windows 11, and to work a lot better with Windows 10 (your current operating system).

Another reason is that we’re waiting for Microsoft to release their bug and security fixes patch for the new operating system, before we endorse and encourage you to use Windows 11.

We will make you aware of this, and will keep you updated on when the best time to upgrade is.

How to Stop the Windows 11 Update in Windows 11


The easiest way to stop Windows 11 updates is to simply postpone the download and installation of Windows 11 through Windows Update…


Let’s show you how…

Here are our recommended steps:


Open Settings by clicking the ‘Start’ menu and selecting the ‘Settings’ option.

Update and Security Windows 11
How to disable windows 11

On the settings page, click on the ‘Update & Security’ panel.

Update and Security Windows 11
How to disable windows 11

The ‘Windows Update’ page will popup, with a upgrade invitation to Windows 11. Please click ‘Stay on Windows 10 for now’.

Microsoft may ask you whether you want to upgrade to Windows 11 again in the future, but we do not advise it and will keep you informed about when the best time is to upgrade.

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